Funding commitments for 2015/16 by our committees

Our funding committess oversee our response-mode funding by reviewing applications for investigator-led programme and project grants, fellowships and bursaries. In 2015/16 they were responsible for 48% of our £376 million spend on research.

Our committees are comprised of UK and international exerts, ensuring that our decisions are well informed and that we continue to fund pioneering research across a wide range of disciplines. The rigorous process for reviewing funding proposals involves many people across the community, from those who give their time to sit on our funding committees and panels, to peer reviewers who provide expert evaluation of individual applications. It is only through the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of these many individuals that we can continue to support research that will have the biggest impact and bring significant progress to the field.


  • Number: the number of new grant awards funded during 2015/16
  • Amount: the value of the new grant awards funded during 2015/16 (actual spend may be distributed across several years)
  • Success rate: the percentage of applications which were funded

CCC supports clinical academic careers in cancer research, supporting clinicians and allied health professionals working in areas spanning basic and translational cancer research.


  • Number: 5
  • Amount: £4.8M
  • Success rate: 29%

CRC is a new committee, set up in 2015, to oversee funding across our whole clinical research portfolio. The remit covers endorsement of late-phase investigator-led clinical trials, and other research supporting or enabling clinical trials.

Clinical Trials*

  • Number: 11
  • Amount: £6.7M
  • Success rate: 55%

Biomarker Projects

  • Number: 6
  • Amount: £2.1M
  • Success rate: 21%

Sample Collections*

  • Number: 6
  • Amount: £0.9M
  • Success rate: 55%


  • Number: 2
  • Amount: £0.2M
  • Success rate: 67%

* includes funding previously awarded through Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC)

† includes funding previously awarded through Science Committee (SC)

​More information about Clinical Research Commiittee (CCC)

DDC reviews applications for biotherapeutic and small molecule drug discovery research, from target validation through to early preclinical studies, and oversees our Drug Discovery Units (DDUs) and translational research alliances.


  • Number: 2
  • Amount: £5.7M
  • Success rate: 40%


  • Number: 14
  • Amount: £3.1M
  • Success rate: 58%

​More information about Drug Discovery Committee

EDAG supports short term project grants for the earlier diagnosis of cancer that have the potential to immediately impact on policy and practice for patient benefit.


  • Number: 3
  • Amount: £0.3M
  • Success rate: 33%

​More information about EDAG

NAC reviews proposals for the preclinical development and early Phase I and II clinical trials of new cancer treatments and diagnostics.

Drug Development Projects

  • Number: 4
  • Amount: n/a
  • Success rate: 40%

Preclinical Grants

  • Number: 11
  • Amount: £0.5M
  • Success rate: 61%

Trial Grants

  • Number: 8
  • Amount: £0.9M
  • Success rate: 73%

​More information about New Agents Committee

NIC supports the cancer research leaders of tomorrow from the start of their careers, providing support at all stages of their career.

Awards and Fellowship

  • Number: 11
  • Amount: £15.8M
  • Success rate: 10%

​More information about New Investigator Committee

PAC is responsible for reviewing, selecting and approving the funding of applications for the Pioneer Award.


Number: 8
Amount: £1.3M
Success rate: 10%

​More information about the Pioneer Award

PRC supports clinical and public health epidemiology and educational and behavioural research in the disciplines of prevention, screening and early diagnosis, through programmes, projects and fellowship awards.


Number: 2
Amount: £4.9M
Success rate: 100%


Number: 10
Amount: £6M
Success rate: 23%


Number: 3
Amount: £0.7M
Success rate: 33%

​More information about Population Research Committee

SC supports our basic and translational cancer research activity through programme awards, and project awards in cancer immunology and multidisciplinary research.


Number: 17
Amount: £35.1M
Success rate: 49%

Award: Programme Foundation Awards

Number: 7
Amount: £8.2M
Success rate: 37%

Award: Projects

Number: 20
Amount: £7.2M
Success rate: 13%

​More information about Science Committee

SEB develops and implements the charity’s scientific strategy and holds overall responsibility for research funding.

Award: Centres’ Network Accelerator Awards

Number: 8
Amount: £30.6M
Success rate: 44%

​More information about the Scientific Executive Board

TAG considers applications for policy research and policy advocacy activities in tobacco control.

Award: Programmes

Number: 3
Amount: £1.6M
Success rate: 100%

Award: Projects

Number: 16
Amount: £0.8M
Success rate: 76%

​More information about Tobacco Advisory Group

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