Pioneer Awards Committee

The Pioneer Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing, selecting and approving the funding of applications for the Pioneer Award.

Funding schemes

Pioneer Award – this award is designed to support the exploration of novel ideas which may lead to new discoveries or approaches to better understand, prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. The award funds small scale, high risk and high reward research that, due to its novelty or lack of supporting data, would be unlikely to secure funding through traditional funding mechanisms.

How proposals are judged

Applications are assessed based on their scientific merit and strategic importance. The committee meets three times a year.


Chair of the Pioneer Award Committee

Professor Greg Hannon – Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Vice Chair of the Pioneer Award Committee

Dr Ian George – New Wave Ventures

Members of the Pioneer Award Committee

Dr Chris Bakal – The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Dr Billy Boyle – Owlstone Inc.

Dr Helen Lee – University of Cambridge

Dr Danae Manika – Queen Mary University of London

Dr Ultan McDermott – Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Professor Jim Norman – Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute

Dr Sergio Quezada – University College London

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