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Our progress in developing cancer drugs

Our scientists and doctors have contributed to most of the world’s top cancer drugs. Thanks to our leading role in drug development and clinical trials, hundreds of thousands of people have beaten the disease. 

This word cloud shows just some of the life-saving and life-extending cancer drugs we’ve had a hand in along the way, by discovering, developing or testing them in clinical trials. The bigger the word, the greater our involvement. 

Cancer drugs word cloud

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Our work spans the whole pathway of drug discovery and development, from the earliest lab studies to large-scale clinical trials.

In this section you can find out about the steps in this process, and how our research has made an impact on the development of life-saving treatments.

Cancer biology

Cancer cells in the labThe journey starts in the lab, with fundamental research into cancer biology. This work underpins the development of all new treatments for cancer.

Read more about our research into cancer biology.

Drug discovery

Discovering drugs in the labThe next step is drug discovery - designing or searching for molecules that can slow the growth of cancer cells or kill them.

Read more about our role in drug discovery.

Drug development

Testing potential cancer drugs in the labNext comes drug development. Scientists test and refine potential cancer treatments in the lab, preparing them for clinical trials.

Read more about our role in drug development.

Clinical trials

A nurse and a patientFinally, new cancer treatments are tested in clinical trials involving patients, ranging from a small group to thousands of patients.

Read more about our role in clinical research.

All our work - from research into cancer biology through to clinical trials - would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters - Together we will beat cancer

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Updated: 25 September 2009