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CancerHelp UK's external review

This page sets out our review policy. There is information below about


Who reviews our content and when

Cancer Research UK's patient information has many external reviewers. Our reviewers are listed below

With the exception of content provided by our users (Your Tips and Stories), all material on the site has been specifically developed by the Cancer Research UK patient information team. The information is reviewed before it goes up on the site and is revised regularly in order to keep it up to date. Two expert reviewers see all new sections before they go on the site. They make changes and additions to the text, which are then implemented by the clinical information team.

For existing content, we have a rolling review programme, aiming to have every section reviewed within 18 months. For all sections of the site, we carry out internal review and external review alternately. Internal reviews are carried out by members of the Cancer Research UK information nurse team and by members of the Cancer Research UK patient information editorial team.

The priority for implementing reviews is to add to or amend text in line with expert reviewer comments. The reliability of the content is of paramount importance at all times.  Should resource allow, the team member implementing the review has a list of points to check against content (see review check lists below).

Additional updates are made to content between reviews. We will only add material outside reviews if we are certain it is accurate, can reference it, and are confident that we have explained it correctly. This generally applies to newly issued or updated NICE guidance, new drug licensing, treatment guidelines or major clinical trial results. We keep notes of these changes so they can be highlighted to the expert reviewer when they next review the section.

We also try to have as many sections of the site as possible reviewed by people with personal experience of cancer.


Reader contributions to Cancer Research UK patient information

Questions for our cancer questions and answers section are sent in by users of our website to the information nurse team, who flag up questions of interest to our specialist nurse writer. We may also write and develop a Question and Answer as a standard response to a topical issue, particularly if it is increasing demand on the information nurse service.

Your Tips and Stories is a section of content that is sent in to us by our site visitors, who are named on their pages.

We also try to have lay reviewers for as many sections of the site as possible. If you are interested in reviewing a section for us, you should either have had cancer yourself or been a close relative of someone who has had cancer. Please contact us on There are guidelines for lay reviewers that you can look at, to give you a idea of what we need and how you can help.


Review check lists

The process for implementing reviews must include the following

  • Check that amendments or additions you’ve made match the rest of the content on the page and other relevant pages in the section
  • Check that amendments read clearly and do not interrupt the overall flow of the writing
  • Add links to other sections as appropriate
  • All links to other websites should open in a new window
  • Check all amends and additions for typos and correct spacing
  • If more than 6 bullets at the top of the page (jump links), put into 2 columns
  • Add or remove keywords to meta data ‘keywords’ field as appropriate
  • Add references for any new articles you've used to the comments box in meta data
  • Change page date to 'major' in meta data after final save – and immediately ‘approve’
  • Check on the live site that all new links are working
  • Do a quick sight check of page layout on live site
  • Check that page date has updated on live site
  • Check workflow at the end of the day to make sure you have approved all page changes

On completion of a section review

  • Update About CancerHelp UK section to reflect completed review
  • Update review schedule in eRoom: flag, review type and date
  • Add article / guideline references to the Patient Information Resources database in eRoom

Should resource allow, the content review team will check the following aspects of content throughout each page when carrying out periodic reviews:

  • Take out any mention of ‘CancerHelp UK’ and replace with ‘our website’
  • Take out any references to our About Cancer section; only replace with new section name (cancers in general) if unavoidable
  • Check that there is no ‘jargon’ in the jump links and simplify language if there is
  • Change passive voice to active
  • Simplify language where necessary - check against style guide
  • Check paragraph and sentence spacing
  • Check grammar and punctuation
  • Ensure that link text is clear and describes the link destination
  • Ensure that links to other sections have the correct section name (eg change 'chemo side effects section' to 'cancer drug side effects section')
  • Check whether any lists in the content would be better presented in bullets
  • Ensure abbreviations are included after full terms (eg NICE)
  • Check page description in meta data is accurate, succinct and between 75 and 160 characters long

CancerHelp UK's reviewer list

Reviewers listed below include health professionals and members of the public. The list includes past reviewers as well as current reviewers. Current reviewers are listed on the page about where our information comes from (see each individual section).

Dr R Allerton, MD FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Mr William Allum, MBChB,MD,FRCS, Consultant in General Surgery, Royal Marsden Hospital (Sutton)
Anne, Dorchester (Patient reviewer)
Ms W Azam, Oncology Dietician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Mike Bailey, MRCP, FRCS, MBBS, MS, Consultant Urologist, St George's Hospital
Mr Dermot Ball, Network pharmacist. NHS North Central London and West Essex Cancer Commissioning Network
Mr Sanj Bassi
MB ChB FRCS(Eng) FRCS(NeuroSurg), Consultant Neurosurgeon, King's College Hospital, London
Dr Veronique Bataille MD PhD FRCP Consultant Dermatologist, Hemel Hempstead General Hospital, Herts
Mr Trevor Battersby, London (Patient reviewer)
Ms Julie Beckerson, Oncology dietician, Hammersmith Hospital, London
Dr EM Bessell MBBS, BSc, Ph.D, FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Oncologist, Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham
Ms Rita Beaumont, Chemotherapy Clinical Nurse Specialist, University College Hospital, London
Professor Martin Birchall
MA, MD, FRCS, FRCS(Oto), FRCS (ORL), Professor of Head and Neck Surgery, Royal United Hospital, Bath
Ms Judith Bliss MSc (Medical Statistics), The Institute of Cancer Research
Mr Simon Bramhall MD, FRCS, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Ms Lynda Bramham, Senior Nurse Adviser, MASTA travel advisory service
Dr Caroline Brammer
MB ChB, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Dr Lucy Brazil
BSc, MRCP, FRCP, MD, Oncologist, St. Thomas' Hospital, London
James Brennan BA (Hons), MPhil, AFBPsS, C. Psychol, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Oncology Centre
Dr James Brenton, MBBS, MRCP, Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
Dr John Bridgewater
MA, FRCP,PhD, MBBS, Consultant Oncologist, University College London Hospital
Mrs P J. Buchanan BSc (Hons), RGN, ONC, RM, DipN, Dept. of Dermatology, Salisbury District Hospital, Director Melanoma & Skin Cancer Advice Line
Mr Michael Burke
MRCS, MBBS, LRCP, Consultant in General Surgery, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow
Mr Simon Butler-Manuel MBBS, FRCS, MRCOG, MD, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford
Ms Lucienne Buttigieg, RGN, MCS, MacMillan Nurse
Mr E John Buxton MRCOG, RCOG, Accredited Subspecialist in Gynaecological Oncology, Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon and Oncologist, The General Infirmary at Leeds
Mr Brian Card, Welfare Rights Advisor (now retired), Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, Surrey
Mr Simon Carter, MB BS FRCS,  Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Richard Casasola MBChB, MRCP, FRCR,Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Dr AM Cassoni BSc, FRCP, FRCR, Senior Lecturer and Honarary Consultant, Middlesex Hospital, London
Mr RJ Cherry LDSRCS (Eng), and Mrs BC Cherry MEd, JP, retired, Birmingham
Ms Man-Chie Chow, Lead Pharmacist Haemato-Oncology, The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Guildford
Ms Tara Clancy, Consultant Genetic Counsellor/Lecturer in Medical Genetics, Manchester
Mr Noel W Clarke MBBS, ChM, FRCS (Urol), Consultant Urologist, Christie Hospital Manchester and Hope Hospital Salford
Mr Peter Cooke MD, FRCS (Urol), Consultant Urological Surgeon, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust, Wolverhampton
Dr Mark Cooper
BM, BCh, MRCP, PhD, Consultant Senior Lecturer in Endocrinology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Pippa Corrie PhD FRCP, Consultant in Oncology, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
Dr Catherine Coyle MB, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, 
Ms Lyndel Compton MSc, RN, RM, Onc. Cert
Dr C Craddock, Consultant Haematologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Dr Robin Crawford, MD, FRCS, FRCOG, Consultant Gynaecologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital
Dr Tom Crosby, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Velindre Hospital, Cardiff
Dr A Cull BSc, MPhil (Clinical Psychology), PhD, Cancer Research UK, London
Dr M H Cullen BSC MD FRCP, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr D Cunningham MD, FRCP, Head of GI and Lymphoma units, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Mr Ramsey Cutress MB BCh MA PhD FRCS, Consultant Surgeon and Senior Lecturer in Breast Surgery, Southampton
Ms Linda Davies, District Nursing Sister, North Somerset
Ms Linda Dayal, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Charing Cross Hospital, London
Dr Julie Doughty MD FRCS, Consultant Surgeon, Western Infirmary, Glasgow
Dr Nigel Dowdall Head of Aviation Health Unit, West Sussex
Ms Jane Drescher
, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Berkshire
Mr Nick Duncan MRPharmS, Haematology Pharmacist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
Dr Helena Earl MBBS, PhD, FRCP, University Lecturer, Hon. Consultant in Medical Oncology, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Professor Gareth Evans, Professor of Medical Genetics, Manchester
Ms Jan Everard, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield
Prof Kenneth C H Fearon, MBChB(Hons), MD, FRCPS(Glas), FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Eng), Consultant in General Surgery, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh at Little France
Dr I Fernando BSc FRCP FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Prof Alison Fiander BM MTCOG MSc DM, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Hospital of Wales
Ms Jane Fior Development Coordinator, Cancer Counselling London
Dr Patricia Fisher
, BSc, MBChB (Hons) MRCP, FRCR, Consultant in Oncology, Western Park Hospital, Sheffield
Dr Hugo Ford
MA, MB, BChir, MD, FRCP, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
Dr Andrew Fowell, MB ChB, Dip Pall Med, DRCOG, MRCGP, FRCP, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, North Wales Oncology Group
Ms Catriona M Futter, BSc(Hons), MPhil, MCSP, Senior Physiotherapist, Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow
Ms Sally Gardner BPharm, MRPharmS, MMedSciClinOncol.
Dr I Geh, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
Ms Wendy Gibbins, Oncology Dietician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr D Gilligan BSc, MB, BChir, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
Dr J Glaholm, MBBS,MRCP(UK),FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr John Graham, MB ChB, FRCP , FRCR, Lead Consultant Oncologist, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton
Prof R J Grieve, MB, CHB, FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry
Dr Rob Glynne Jones BA, MBBS, FRCP,FRCR, Consultant Oncologis, Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex
Ms Claire Goddard, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Birmingham
Professor Larry Goodyer
, Head of the Leicester School of Pharmacy
Mr R Grimer, MD BS FRCS Ed Orth, Consultant Orthopaedic Oncologist, Bone Tumour Service, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham.
Dr Patricia Grocott, Reader in Palliative Wound Care, King's College London
Ms Lorraine Grover RGN, DipPST, Clinical Nurse Therapist in Sexual Well being, London
Dr S Grummett, MRCP PhD Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Richard Grundy, MBChB, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Oncology, Birmingham Children's Hospital
Mrs Angie Hack
, Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University
Prof Barry W Hancock, MD, FRCPEd, FRCP(Lond), FRCR, DCH, Weston Park Hospital , Sheffield
Dr Louise Hanna, BM,BCh, Consultant in Oncology, Velindre Hospital, Cardiff
Dr Andrew Hartley MRCP FRCR Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Tom Haswell, Glasgow (Patient reviewer)
Mr Andrew Hayes
MA, PhD, FRCS (Gen), Consultant Surgeon, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Mr Nigel Heaton MBBS FRCS, Consultant in Oncology, Cromwell Hospital, London
Ms Trina Herbert, Therapy Radiographer, Royal marsden Hospital
Ms D Hoare BSc, MSc, MRPharm S, Cancer Services Pharmacist, University College London Hospitals, London
Ms Theresa Hood BPhil (Counselling), SRN, OND, Adv. Dip Counselling, Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neuro-oncology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Professor Alan Horwich PhD, FRCP, FRCR, The Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research
Professor Anthony Howell BSc, MBBS, MSc, FRCP, Dept. Medical Oncology, Christie Hospital
Ms N Hussain
, Welfare Rights Advisor, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Dr S A Hussain, MBBS MMed Sci MD Clinical Lecturer in Oncology, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Mr T Ismail MD FRCS, Consultant General Surgeon, Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham
Mr Ian Jacobs MD, MRCOG, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
Mr Lee Jeys MB ChB MSc FRCS, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham
Prof P Johnson MBChB MRCP (UK) MD FRCP FHKAM, Professor of Translational Research, University of Birmingham
Dr Bleddyn Jones, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Hammersmith Hospital, London
Ms Penny Jones, Deputy Director of Nursing, St. Christopher's Hospice, London.
Dr Vinod Joshi BDS, DRDRCS, FDSRCPS, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Mr Joseph Khalil-Marzouk, MBBCh,MCh,FRCS,FRCS(C-Th), Consultant in Thoracic Surgery, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry
Dr Vincent Khoo, MBBS, MRCP, Consultant in Oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital, London.
Mr RS Kirby MA, MD, FRCS, FEISU, St George's Hospital, London
Ms Clare Lait, BSc(Hons), MCSP, Specialist MSK Oncology Physiotherapist, Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust
Mr Loic Lang-Lazdunski MD PhD FRCS, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Guy's Hospital, London
Dr James Larkin MA MSc PhD, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Professor Jonathon Lederman
BSc MD FRCP, Professor of Medical Oncology, University College London Hospital
Professor George Lewith, MB, MRCP, MRCGP, FRCP, BChir, Professor of Health Research, University of Southampton
Mr Eric Lim
MB ChB MSc MD FRCS, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Royal Brompton Hospital, London
Ms Nicola Lister, Bone Marrow Transplant Coordinator, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr John K Luckit, BSc MRCPI, FRCPath, Consultant Haematologist, North Middlesex University Hospital.
Gabi MacEwan
, patient reviewer, Devon
Professor Rona M MacKie MD, DSc, FRCP, FRCPath, FRSE, Professor of Dermatology, University of Glasgow.
Mrs Marcelle MacNamara, MA, MPhil, MBBS, FRCS, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham.
Professor Colin S McArdle MBChB, MD, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glas), University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Dr James McCaul MBChB, PhD, FRCS (Glas), FRCS (OMFS), FDSRCPS, BDS, Consultant Maxillofacial/Head and Neck Surgeon, Bradford teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Ms Jane McManus, Ward Manager, St Christopher's Hospice.
Dr P Mahendra MD FRCP FRCPath, Consultant Haematologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
Dr E Maher FRCP, FRCR, Mount Vernon Hospital
Dr J Marsden, FRCP, Consultant Dermatologist, Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham
Dr C Mcnamara FRACP, FRCPA, FRCPath
Mr Marcello Migliore, MD, PhD, FETCS, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, University of Catania, Italy.
Mr D Mirza, MS FRCS (ED), FRCS (GLASGOW), Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Ms Kim Meeking, Therapy Radiographer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Rosalind Mitchell, MBBS, MD, FRCS(SN), Consultant Neurosurgeon, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Nazia Mohammed, MB, ChB, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Beatson Cancer Centre, Glasgow
Mrs B Monroe BA, BPhil, CQSW, Director of Social Work, St Christophers Hospice, London
Dr Sally Morgan MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Oncologist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
Mrs Monica Morris, Clinical Nurse Specialist, London
Dr Clive Mulatero
MA MB BChir MRCP PhD, Consultant/Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, Leicester
Professor John P Neoptolemos MA, MB, BChir (Cambridge), MD (Leicester), FRCS (England), Department of Surgery, University of Liverpool, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
Dr Marianne Nicolson MD, FRCP(Ed), BSc, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen
Professor RTD Oliver MD, FRCP, School of Medicine and Dentistry, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
Dr D Palmer, MRC Clinical Training Fellow, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr H Pandha, MB, ChB PhD MRCP FRACP, Consultant in Oncology, St George’s Hospital, London
Dr N Parry-Jones, MD, MRCP, MRCPath, Consultant Haematologist, Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny
Mr Prashant Patel
, MBBS, MS, FRCSEd, PhD, FRCSEd (Urol), Senior Lecturer in Urology and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon
Dr David Peake, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Timothy J Perren MD, FRCP, ICRF Cancer Medicine Research Unit, St James's Hospital, Leeds
Dr  Russell Petty,
BMSc(Hon) MB ChB PhD MRCP (UK) MRCP(London) FRCP Edin, Consultant Medical Oncologist/Clinical Senior Lecturer in Medical Oncology, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Dr Paul Pharoah
, CRUK Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Cambridge
Dr Barry L Pizer FRCPCH, MRCP, MBChB, PhD. Consultant Oncologist, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool
Dr Melanie Powell
, MD FRCP FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
Professor Allan Price PhD, MB, BCH, FRCP(Ed), FRCR, DMRT(Ed), Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Edinburgh
Ms Susan Price BSc Hons, SRD, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust
Dr Charlotte Proby, MRCP, Consultant Dermatologist, Barts and The London, Clinical Sciences and Research Centre, London.
Dr Johnathan Punt, MBBS, FRCS, FRCP, CH, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Neurosurgery
Dr Prakash Ramachandra, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Mr Neil Ranasinghe, Patient reviewer
Prof Ian G Rennie, MBChB,FRCS,FRCOphth, Consultant in Ophthalmology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
Ms Alison Rooks, Welfare Rights Manager, Bradford
Dr Gordon JS Rustin MD, MSc, FRCP, Director of Medical Oncology, Mount Vernon Hospital
Dr Paul Sanghera, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Philip Savage MBChB,FRCP, PhD, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Charing Cross Hospital, London
Ms Helen Seers, Research Officer, Penny Brohn Cancer Centre
Mr R Shapiro, Retired Lecturer, Postgraduate Studies, Language and Child Psychology, London
Dr Amen Sibtain MD, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.
Professor K Sikora PhD, MBBS, FRCP, FRCR, Dean of Buckingham University (at time of review, Professor of Clinical Oncology, Hammersmith Hospital, London)
Dr Nicholas Slevin MBChB, FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Christie Hospital, Manchester
Susan, Sheffield, Patient reviewer
Ms Trudy Smith MSc Human Nutrition, Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, Health Education Authority - Food & Nutrition Programme
Miss Yuko Smith, Clinical Research Fellow, St George's Hospital, London
Mr Simon Smith
BSc MS FRCS, Consultant General Surgeon
Dr Mike Snee
MBBS DMRT FRCR DM, Consultant in Oncology, St James' University Hospital, Leeds
Dr Juliet Spiller, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Fairmile Marie Curie Centre
Dr D Spooner, FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham
Dr Jeremy Steele, MD MRCP, Consultant Medical Oncologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London
Mr Guy Sterne
MB ChB FRCS MD FRCS(plast), Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Birmingham
Dr Neil Steven MBBS (Lond), MA (Cantab), MRCP, DTMH, University of Birmingham
Dr Andrea Stevens, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
Mr Richard Steyn, MS FRCSEd(C-Th) FIMCRCSEd MRCGP DRCOG, Consultant in Thoracic Surgery, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital
Dr A Stockdale MBBS, BSc, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry
Dr Jacqui Stringer PHD BSc RGN MIFPA, Clinical Lead for Supportive Care Services, Christie Hospital, Manchester
Dr Santhanam Sundar
MBBS MRCP MSc FRCR, Consultant Oncologist, Nottingham
Ms Nicola Swan, Clinical Haematology Support/Liaison Nurse, Hammersmith Hospital, London
Dr Paul Symonds TD, MD, FRCP, FRCR, Consultant Oncologist, Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow
Professor N Thatcher MB Chir, FRCP, PhD, Christie CRC Hospital, Manchester
Susan Thomson, patient reviewer, Scotland
Mrs H Thornton, patient reviewer
Dr Amanda Tristram MBChB, MRCOG, MD, Senior Lecturer and Honarary Consultant in Gynaecological Oncology, Llandough Hospital, Cardiff
Mr George Ttouli ALIA (dip), MSFA, Independent Financial Advisor, London
Mr D Waller BM BS Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester
Dr L Wall, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Edinburgh
Mr John Wardle Senior Lecturer, Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University
Mr Nicholas Watkin, MA, MChir, FRCS (Urol), Consultant in Urology, St George's Hospital, London
Mr John Watkinson MB, MSc, MS, FRCS, DLO, Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham
Professor J Waxman MBBS, MD, FRCP, Hammersmith Hospital, London
Dr Matthew Wheater PhD, MRCP, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Southampton Cancer Centre
lsabel White, Cancer Research UK Nursing Research Training Fellow, University of Surrey
Dr Charles Wilson, MBBS, MRCP , Consultant Oncologist, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
Ms Anne Williams, Lymphoedema Specialist/Lecturer
Dr Matt Winter MD MRCP, Consultant Oncologist, Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield
Ms Mary Woods
, CNS/Head of Lymphoedema Services, Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Ms Netty Wood, MPharm, Dip Pharm Prac, MRPharmS, Lead Pharmacist, Essex Cancer Network 
Mr Stephen F Worrall MD, FRCS, FDSRCS, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Miss J Yoon MBBS MRCOG, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Homerton University Hospital
Ms Laura Yochum, MPH, RD, Cancer epidemiologist, Cancer Research UK


A glossary of abbreviations

AFBPsSAssociate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
ALIAAssociate of the Life Insurance Association
BABachelor of Arts
BChirBachelor of Surgery
BDSBachelor of Dental Surgery
BPharmBachelor of Pharmacy
BPhilBachelor of Philosophy
BScBachelor of Science
ChMMaster of Surgery
CPsycholChartered Psychologist
CQSWCertificate of Qualification in Social Work
DLODiploma in Laryngology and Otology
DNCCertificate in District Nursing
DTMHDiploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
FDS RCPSFellowship of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
FRCPFellow of Royal College of Physicians
FRCRFellow of the Royal College of Radiologists

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons


Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

JPJustice of the Peace
MAMaster of Arts
MBBachelor of Medicine
MBBSBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science
MBChBBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MBChirBachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
MDDoctor of Medicine
MEdMaster of Education
MPHMaster of Public Health
MPhilMaster of Philosophy
MRCGPMember of the Royal College of General Practitioners
MRCOGMember of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
MRCPMember of the Royal College of Physicians
MRCPathMember of the Royal College of Pathologists
MRPharmSMember of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society
MSMaster of Surgery
MScMaster of Science
MSFAMember of the Society of Financial Advisers
ONCCertificate in Oncology Nursing
PGCEPostgraduate Certificate of Education
PhDDoctor of Philosophy
RDRegistered Dietician
RGNRegistered General Nurse
RHVRegistered Health Visitor
RMRegistered Midwife
SRDState Registered Dietician
SRNState Registered Nurse
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