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Sheffield Cancer Research Centre

Sheffield Cancer Research Centre at Sheffield UniversityThe Sheffield Cancer Research Centre brings together world-class scientists, doctors and nurses in Yorkshire to push forward advances in cancer treatment faster than ever before.

By building on local academic and clinical expertise, the Sheffield Centre will enable the city to develop as a major hub for cancer research.

The centre is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, the University of Sheffield, and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Research at Sheffield

Research at the Sheffield Centre will cover many different types of cancer, although there is particular interest in breast and lung cancers. There is also a strong focus on cancers affecting the bones, especially secondary bone tumours caused by cancer cells that have spread from elsewhere in the body.

Many researchers at the Sheffield Centre are investigating the fundamental biology of cancer, understanding how the disease starts and how it grows and spreads. In particular, several scientists at the centre are studying how cancers interact with the cells and tissues that surround them, and how they grow a blood supply. By understanding this ‘tumour micro-environment’, researchers are developing exciting new approaches for treating cancer.

Sheffield is home to one of a network of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMCs) across the UK, dedicated to bringing the very latest treatments to cancer patients through clinical trials. Thanks to this ECMC, scientists, doctors and nurses will be able to get new cancer drugs to patients in the local area as quickly as possible.

Importantly, the Sheffield Cancer Research Centre will act as a focus for training the next generation of cancer researchers through prestigious studentships and fellowships. Finally, the centre will also foster strong links with the local community, increasing awareness of the world-class research taking place right on their doorstep.

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