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Science and research at Birmingham Cancer Research UK Centre

Scientist works at a computerResearchers at the Centre are focusing on bladder cancer and leukaemia, as well as children's cancers. They will also build on existing strengths, including cell biology, genetics, and work on the links between viruses and some cancers. Other areas of expertise include large-scale population studies, gene therapy and research harnessing the power of the immune system to help treat cancer.

Birmingham also hosts the UK’s largest 'nuclear magnetic resonance' facility. Using this technology, researchers can view the building blocks of cells to understand the root causes of cancer and monitor the effects of drug treatments.

Birmingham is home to one of our Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres, which develops and tests the latest treatments in early stage clinical trials. And the city already plays a leading role in coordinating larger UK clinical trials for both children and adults with cancer. Teams at the Centre will ensure that these trials lead to better ways to prevent, detect and treat the disease in the future.

Finally, staff at the Centre will also act as a key link with the local community by showcasing their research and raising awareness of cancer symptoms and risk factors.

See Research Highlights in Birmingham for a selection of research and researchers in this area.

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