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Our current research

Scientist at workEvery year Cancer Research UK spends hundreds of millions of pounds on research into preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. We are the biggest single independent funder of cancer research in Europe, supporting the work of thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses across the UK.

Our research covers all aspects of cancer. We research many types of cancer in locations across the UK.

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Biological research

Our scientists are world leaders in studying the biology of cancer cells. This work is vital for developing new treatments and tests. For example, our researchers are investigating the faulty genes involved in cancer, and discovering how cancer spreads.

Clinical research

Our doctors work with cancer patients to test treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We also discover and develop new cancer drugs.

Cancer prevention

We carry out large-scale studies to discover the risks and causes of cancer. We are investigating lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet, alcohol and bodyweight.

If cancer is diagnosed early, treatment is more likely to be successful – so we are researching ways to improve screening and early detection.

More information

You can find more information about what cancer is, and the different types of research we fund on our All About Cancer pages.

If you’re looking for scientific information about the research we fund, please visit our Funding and Research site.

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