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Our plans for the future

Scientists at work in a labOur five year strategy outlines how we are working to  help more people survive cancer, and make sure that those facing the disease live longer.

Over the coming years, we will focus on helping more people survive cancer, and make sure that those facing the disease live longer.

To do this, in our research we will:

  • Develop and test new, more effective treatments for cancer, which are kinder to patients. In particular, we will focus on personalised medicine – finding ways to tailor treatment specifically to suit the genetic makeup of each individual’s cancer. We are also revitalising research to improve surgery and radiotherapy techniques. This approach will make a big difference to cancer survival in the future.
  • Focus on cancers that have the poorest survival rates. Although we will continue to fund research into almost all types of cancer, we will focus on cancers that are currently difficult to treat successfully, such as lung, oesophageal and pancreatic cancers.
  • Build on our research into screening and early diagnosis, to detect cancer earlier, when it is more likely to be successfully treated. And we will continue to work on ways to prevent cancer developing in the first place.
  • Continue our world-class research into cancer biology – understanding why cancer starts, and how it grows and spreads. This fundamental work underpins the development of new treatments and diagnostic techniques. In particular, we will be investigating the faulty genes that lie at the heart of cancer.
  • Create the right environment for research, through our UK-wide network of Cancer Research UK centres, our existing world-class research institutes and the planned UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation. We will also build strategic partnerships with industry and the academic research community.
  • Train the cancer researchers of the future. We will attract and retain the brightest and best researchers across the world to join us in our vision of beating cancer.

You can find out more about our future plans in our five-year strategy

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