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The Health and Social Care Act 2012 led to significant changes to the NHS, with local authorities now taking the lead on public health. Cancer Research UK is keen to connect with these decision makers to ensure cancer is high on the agenda within local areas, as we strive to beat cancer sooner.

Our local work

Health devolution is transferring power from central to local government who are well-placed to make decisions about their local needs. As many health decisions are now being made by local authorities, including decisions about cancer prevention, we are increasing our work in England to engage these decision makers on important cancer issues. You can find out more about our priorities below.

Working with Councillors, Directors of Public Health and other key players in public health and wellbeing allows us understand the local picture. We are also keeping a close eye on the implications of devolved health powers, and how they impact cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about our work contact localengagement@cancer.org.uk or click here to find out more about our work.


Our policy priorities

Tobacco Control

Tobacco use remains the UK’s single greatest cause of preventable illness and avoidable death. We believe local authorities should develop a strategic approach to reducing smoking rates locally through a comprehensive tobacco control strategy that includes prioritising and sustaining funding for tobacco control, provision of evidence-based Stop Smoking Services, and a coordinated tobacco control alliance to provide mass media campaigns and measures to target illicit tobacco trade. Read more in our Local Policy Statement on Tobacco Control.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Local authorities are uniquely placed to tackle the causes of skin cancer locally. Cancer Research UK believes that local authorities should develop a comprehensive skin cancer prevention plan, including taking action to prevent unintended sun exposure in the community, increasing public understanding of the risks of excessive UV exposure, auditing and inspecting sunbed businesses and carrying out innovative measures to reduce tanning behaviour.

We have developed a Skin Cancer Prevention Pledge to encourage councils to publically commit to delivering interventions to prevent skin cancer in their area. If you would like to sign the pledge please contact localengagement@cancer.org.uk

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester was the first area to sign a devolution deal with Government in November 2014. Since then, the ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester have taken control of a £6 billion budget to provide health and social care for its residents.

Health spending and decision-making has been under local control since April 2016, and Cancer Research UK continues to work closely with local authorities, healthcare providers and other partners to better prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in Greater Manchester.


Are you councillor or health decision maker? How we can help you:

Cancer Research UK can offer extensive knowledge about cancer, and are building a strong community presence to support commissioners, public health leads and councillors as they develop their local health plans. We can offer:

  • Local cancer statistics, including tailored local authority profiles with recommended actions.
  • Briefings, speaking notes and policy advice.
  • Local visits to our shops, research centres or Cancer Awareness Roadshow.
  • One-to-one meetings and presentations for groups.

By offering tailored support, Cancer Research UK engages local decision makers to tackle the cancer priorities in their areas to beat cancer sooner.

For more information on our local work in England contact localengagement@cancer.org.uk

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