Our policy on harm reduction and e-cigarettes

We support ready access to Nicotine Containing Products (NCPs) for smokers wishing to cut down or quit.

We support ‘light touch’ regulation of new NCPs such as e-cigarettes to ensure product safety and consistent dose, restrict marketing that risks re-normalising smoking, and stop them being sold to children.

However, based on current e-cigarette marketing and the entry of the tobacco industry into the NCP market, we remain concerned that the marketing of e-cigarettes may attract non-smokers, including young people.

There are a range of unanswered questions about the likely impact of these products on individuals and effective tobacco control policies, which is why we commissioned a research agenda report and a report on e-cigarette marketing.


Cancer Research UK briefing: electronic cigarettes

May 2014

Download briefing [PDF]

Briefing: electronic cigarettes Q and A

May 2014

Download briefing [PDF]


The marketing of electronic cigarettes in the UK

Cancer Research UK commissioned report on the marketing of electronic cigarettes in the UK, Marisa de Andrade, Gerard Hastings, Kathryn Angus, Diane Dixon and Richard Purves 

November 2013

Download report [PDF]

Cancer Research UK commissioned report on tobacco harm reduction and nicotine containing products: research priorities and policy directions, Marisa de Andrade and Gerard Hastings

May 2013

Download report [PDF]


Cancer Research UK response to the Welsh Government's Public Health White Paper consultation

September 2014

Download consultation response [PDF]

Cancer Research UK response to the CAP and BCAP consultation on new advertising rules for e-cigarettes

April 2014

Download consultation response [PDF]

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