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‘Wake up and smell the coffee!’ Watch our Google Hangout on immunotherapy

As a research-based organisation we like to experiment. Not just in the lab, but also in the ways we communicate our research to our supporters who fund it...

Genetic chaos in tumours could help predict chemo response

Cancer Research UK scientists have shown how the level of genetic chaos in tumours could help predict patients’ response to chemotherapy.

Cataloguing the genetic chaos in oesophageal cancer

On the 27th of September 2013 Tracy Collinson’s world turned upside down. Seemingly out of nowhere, her husband Nigel – father to their two young boys – was...

A ‘simple urine test’ for pancreatic cancer? Not just yet.

Pancreatic cancer has one of the poorest survival rates of any common cancers, with only three per cent of patients still alive five years after diagnosis...

England’s new cancer strategy – what happens next?

Last month, the Independent Cancer Taskforce published its strategy for improving cancer outcomes in England over the next five years.

By making the...