Cancer news

New immune targeting cancer drugs show continued promise

Drugs that allow the immune system to recognise cancer and attack it are continuing to produce "exciting" results, say experts in the field.

Cancer Research UK to collaborate with AstraZeneca in screening for new cancer medicines at the AstraZeneca MRC UK Centre for Lead Discovery

AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK have signed a memorandum of understanding to open access to state-of-the-art drug discovery facilities.

Smoking rates halve since 1970s

The number of smokers in Britain has more than halved in the past four decades.

BACIT seeks shareholder approval to commit £20m and join CRT Pioneer Fund as a limited partner

BACIT is seeking shareholder approval to permit an investment into the CRT Pioneer Fund, taking the total to £70m.

Obesity linked to nearly 500,000 new cancers worldwide

Excess bodyweight is behind almost half a million new cancer cases in adults each year.