Cancer news

'Huge breakthrough' in understanding how the immune system recognises cancer

US researchers have revealed the identity of molecules on the surface of cancer cells which allow the body's immune system to identify and destroy them

Could computers help GPs diagnose cancer early?

Picture the scene. A patient visits their GP after losing weight and having chest pain that wouldn’t go away.

The GP has just 10 minutes to consider...

£50m CRT Pioneer Fund announces investment to develop lung cancer drugs at Cancer Research UK’s Manchester Institute

The CRT Pioneer Fund announces a collaboration with the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Drug Discovery Unit.

The risk factor – new evidence on obesity and prostate cancer

Casting an eye over our cancer prevention infographic it’s noticeable that there’s no mention of prostate cancer. That’s because, until now, researchers...

New guidance aims to improve cancer diagnosis

The country’s health watchdog has issued new draft guidance on how to spot early signs and symptoms of cancer.