Cancer news

Gene signature could predict breast cancer aggressiveness

Measuring the activity levels of particular genes in a woman’s breast tumour could identify more aggressive forms of the disease.

Cancer Research UK and The Lustgarten Foundation join with Stand Up To Cancer to fund new Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team

Cancer Research UK, Stand Up To Cancer and The Lustgarten Foundation have joined forces to fund a Cancer Dream Team Translational Research Grant.

Ireland votes to bring in standardised tobacco packs

Ireland has become the first country in Europe to introduce plain, standardised packaging for cigarettes.

Low public awareness of concept of ‘overdiagnosis’

People’s awareness of the idea of ‘overdiagnosis’ in cancer screening is low, and they have varying opinions of how much is acceptable.

Campaigns improve awareness of cancer symptoms and boost GP visits

Awareness campaigns boost the public’s knowledge of lung and bowel cancer symptoms and increase the numbers who go to their doctor.