Cancer news

Ethnic minorities less aware of cancer symptoms and more likely to identify barriers to seeking medical help

Ethnic minorities in England are less aware of cancer symptoms and more likely to say they wouldn’t see the doctor, according to new research.

Cancer cell fingerprints in the blood may speed up childhood cancer diagnosis

Newly-identified cancer cell fingerprints in the blood could one day help doctors diagnose a range of children’s cancers faster and more accurately.

Increase in cancer survival shows ‘power of research’

Cancer survival rates have improved considerably in recent years, according to official figures from the Office of National Statistics. 

Scientists trigger self-destruct switch in lung cancer cells

Scientists have found a drug combination that can trigger the self-destruct process in lung cancer cells.

Public need better information about screening, say MPs

People are not always provided with sufficient information about the risks of screening for chronic diseases such as cancer, say a group of MPs