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Alternative therapies: what’s the harm?

We often see stories in the media about cancer patients who have chosen alternative treatments, either alongside or instead of conventional treatment.


Seeing the same doctor could affect time to cancer diagnosis

Whether or not patients see the same GP could affect how quickly bowel and lung cancers are diagnosed, according to a Cancer Research UK study.

News digest – new immunotherapy results, ‘personalised vaccines’, an ‘injectable lab’ and more

This week saw the big names in cancer research gathering in the US for the annual American Association for Cancer Research conference – and some promising...

Election 2015: what are the parties from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland saying about cancer?

Last week we laid out what the national political parties are proposing for health, research and cancer in England.

Now, with just two weeks to go...

Health apps: a note of caution

There’s a running joke that if you check your symptoms on the Internet, it will probably diagnose you with cancer.

But there seems to be a growing...