Cancer news

Looking back over 50 years of Epstein-Barr virus

We look back over 50 years of the Epstein-Barr virus – the first human cancer virus – with some of the key researchers involved in its discovery.

Cholesterol unlocks clues to prostate cancer spread

In a British Journal of Cancer study, scientists have uncovered a link between cholesterol and prostate cancer’s ability to spread to the bones.

Bowel cancer linked to fine-tuning ‘microRNA’

A tiny genetic ‘fine-tuner’ called a microRNA could play an important role in the development of bowel cancer.

Study finds prostate cancer tests underestimate disease in half of cases

A BJC study shows grading and staging prostate cancer underestimate how severe the disease was in half the cancers classified as slow growing.

CRT and Teva’s collaboration yields successful outcome with novel aPKC protein inhibitor cancer drug development candidate

CRT announces a successful outcome to collaborating with Teva - identiying a novel atypical Protein Kinase C (aPKC) inhibitor pre-clinical candidate.