Cancer news

News digest – Government science funding, exercise and prostate cancer, drug approval and more

The UK Government announced its ‘£6 billion commitment’ to UK science. Here’s our news report and the BBC’s. Our scientists discovered the unique genetic...

Study suggests exercise benefit for localised prostate cancer

Moderate physical activity appears to reduce death rates among men diagnosed with prostate cancer that hasn’t spread

Scientists map out how childhood brain tumours relapse

Researchers have discovered the unique genetic paths that the childhood brain tumour medulloblastoma follows when the disease comes back

Government unveils ‘£6 billion commitment’ to UK science

The UK Government has formally set out its 10-year plan for science and innovation in the UK.

Six Citizen Science milestones from 2014 – number four is out of this world

If you’ve recently been on an intergalactic space adventure, or restored a magical world to its former glory, while carrying out vital research into cancer...