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New markers could identify patients most at risk of brain damage from CAR T cell immunotherapy

New research suggests injury to the cells that line blood vessels could be behind severe side effects that some patients have after CAR T cell therapy.

5 persistent myths about the causes of breast cancer

The good news is there’s no reason to be concerned about deodorants, bras, plastics and milk when it comes to breast cancer risk.

Severe shortage of radiologists risks delays to cancer diagnosis, says report

The UK does not have enough radiologists to meet demand, according to a new report.

News digest – cancer drugs on trial, robotic surgery, obesity and… cool Nobel Prize science?

This week’s news featured worrying obesity and cancer trends in the US and a call for more robust evidence to back up cancer drugs’ effectiveness. Read the digest for more...

Could opticians refer patients with suspected brain tumours?

A patient was diagnosed and treated for a brain tumour 8 days after seeing her optician with symptoms. The approach could speed up diagnosis.

2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry: how making microscopes cool is helping cancer research

This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the developers of cool microscopes. And the tech is boosting cancer research.

Some cancer drugs approved in Europe might not have sufficient evidence of survival benefits, says study

New research has found that many cancer drugs recently approved in Europe lacked evidence from clinical trials that they boosted survival or quality of life.

Availability of robotic prostate cancer surgery could be a bigger draw for patients than quality of hospital

Prostate cancer patients may base choice of hospital for surgery on availability of new technology, rather than hospital quality information, according to study

Cancer Research UK's Chief Executive to stand down in spring 2018

Sir Harpal Kumar, Cancer Research UK's Chief Executive, has announced that after more than 10 years leading the charity he will conclude his role in spring 2018

Our milestones: A radical change that improved breast cancer surgery

The results of a breast cancer trial we helped fund allowed surgeons to move away from ‘radical’ mastectomies towards kinder, less invasive surgeries.