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Radiotherapy 'needs to be modernised' in Europe

Access to radiotherapy varies dramatically between countries across Europe, according to a study led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Austria.

First patients enrolled in project to improve NHS cancer gene testing

Cancer Research UK has started recruiting patients for a pioneering initiative to demonstrate how genetic tests could be used within the NHS to help match cancer patients...

Cancer Research UK cautious over breast cancer genetic predictor

Belgian and Dutch researchers have claimed that they have improved a method of predicting how a patient?s breast cancer might develop, by examining which genes are turned...

Advanced radiotherapy shows early promise for rare lymphoma

A small US study has found that an advanced radiotherapy technique already used in some cancers is also effective for treating a rare cancer called extranodal lymphoma of...

Significant improvements made for cancer trials

More patients are taking part in cancer trials in the UK now than at any point in the last three decades according to a new report published in this weekїs edition of the...

Many male cancer patients are missing out on sperm banking

Many men - whose fertility may be at risk from cancer treatment - are not being offered the chance to store their sperm according to new research published today in the...

Skin cancer fears may increase risk of bone thinning disease

British people may not be not getting enough sunlight to generate sufficient levels of vitamin D, as they are worried about the possibility of skin cancer, according to a...

NICE recommends against skin cancer drug

NICE has issued draft guidance saying the NHS should not offer the drug vemurafenib as a treatment for melanoma due to its expense.

Cancer scientists make unexpected discovery on male infertility

Cancer Research UK scientists have made a surprise finding about the molecular basis of male infertility, reporting their results in today's edition of Nature1.

Breast cancer cells spread by digging their escape route

Breast cancer cells puncture holes into neighbouring tissues and crawl though the spaces they create to spread around the body, according to research published in the...