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Government pressed on standard cigarette packs

The Government will have "failed"; the next generation if it does not introduce plain, standardised cigarette packs, a trade union has warned.

Men not attending fertility appointments after cancer treatment

More than a third of men who bank their sperm prior to cancer treatment do not attend a single follow-up appointment to assess their fertility.

Worrying differences in bowel cancer deaths

There is worrying variation in the results of bowel cancer surgery across NHS hospitals in England with some having many more patient deaths immediately after surgery than...

MPs agree to ban cigarette vending machines and shop displays

Leading health organisations, including Cancer Research UK, have welcomed MPs' decision to include an outright ban on cigarette vending machines in the Health Bill.

National smoking map shows poverty link say campaigners

A map showing the number of smokers across the UK provides a graphic insight into the links between smoking and poverty, say campaigners.

Fags vs Food - The smoking ban battle begins

The Government plans to exempt pubs that do not serve 'prepared' food from the new smokefree law, leaving thousands of bar staff exposed to the seriously damaging effects...

Bowel screening reduces cancer deaths by more than 25 per cent

Bowel screening reduces the number of deaths from bowel cancer in Scotland by more than 25 per cent, according to research presented at the National Cancer Research...

Report calls for under-18 sunbed ban

Young people under the age of 18 should be banned from using sunbeds to help reduce the number of people with skin cancer, a new report has claimed.

English cancer patients given access to new radiotherapy treatments

Cancer patients in England have been given greater access to cutting-edge treatments with the opening of three new radiotherapy centres.

Toxic Mediterranean "death carrot" could help treat cancer

A toxic chemical found in a Mediterranean plant is being developed into a potential new drug by an international team of researchers.