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Barts Hospital stages art exhibition and fundraising sale

A poignant exhibition is to go on display to the public at Barts Hospital in memory of artist Susie Brown who died of cancer earlier this year.

Womb cancer cases are highest for over three decades

The number of women diagnosed with womb cancer is at its highest for over 30 years according to new figures published today by Cancer Research UK which show more than 7,...

Warnings issued on untested cancer drug

People are being advised not to risk taking dichloroacetate (DCA) without proper medical guidance after New Scientist magazine reported that some cancer patients are...

Tobacco control policies 'bring healthcare savings'

Tobacco control policies implemented by national governments not only improve the health of a nation, but are also good for the economy, according to a new report in the...

GPs offered free course on mouth cancer

Doctors can learn how to help tackle the growing problem of mouth cancer thanks to a new online course

Patients lose out as prostate cancer drug is turned down by SMC

Cancer Research UK is extremely disappointed that the advanced prostate cancer drug, abiraterone, has been ruled too expensive for routine use by the Scottish Medicines...

Smokers should persevere with smoking cessation therapy

Smokers should persevere with anti-nicotine treatments even if they are not immediately successful, according to a US study.

Brightly-coloured insects may provide clue to potential anti-cancer compounds

Brightly-coloured beetles and butterfly larvae could help scientists to identify plants that have compounds with anti-cancer activity, experts in Panama have found.

Faster chemo technique increases survival in children with neuroblastoma

Chemotherapy given with shorter intervals between treatments than conventional chemotherapy increases survival rates by two thirds in children with high-risk neuroblastoma...

Birmingham researchers use new approach to 'break the code' for liver cancer tests

Scientists at Birmingham University are using cutting edge technologies to move closer to a blood test that will improve early diagnosis of liver cancer in high risk...