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Small study suggests vitamin D may lower PSA levels in some prostate cancer patients

Vitamin D supplements can lower PSA levels in some prostate cancer patients, according to a study soon to be published in the journal BJU International.

England's World Cup rugby stars help kick cancer into touch.

England rugby stars Phil Vickery, Kyran Bracken and Martin Corry lined up before flying off to the Rugby World Cup to tackle the issue of skin cancer with Cancer Research...

Channel 4 & Cancer Research UK to launch 'Stand Up To Cancer' in the UK

Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK are joining forces to launch ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ in the UK. Television, music and film stars will come together in October in a new...

How to cope with side effects from pelvic radiotherapy

Cancer patients about to undergo pelvic radiotherapy or who have had the treatment and are experiencing some of the potentially worrying and embarrassing side effects, now...

Deprivation leads to over 2,600 deaths a year

MORE than 2,600 deaths in England from some of the most common types of cancer could be avoided each year if all cancer patients had the same chance of survival as the...

Study confirms link between inflammation and bowel and stomach cancer

New research has provided evidence for the long-suspected link between chronic inflammation of the intestine or stomach, and cancer.

Promising early results from drug trial for inherited ovarian cancer

A team of scientists, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, have found that a new type of drug could help women with an inherited form of ovarian cancer.

Nobel Prize for scientists who shed light on chromosome protection

Three scientists who discovered the important role that the structures at the ends of chromosomes play in protecting genetic information have been awarded this year's...

NHS cancer database will be 'game changing'

Millions of patient records with details about individual cancer treatments have been compiled into a single database for the first time in a bid to help doctors save...

Lifestyle changes could prevent one in ten cases of breast cancer by 2024

If women change some aspects of their lifestyle now, thousands of cases of breast cancer could be prevented over 20 years.