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Cancer cases detected by NHS breast screening double in ten years

The number of cancer cases detected by the NHS Breast Screening Programme has doubled in the last ten years, new figures show.

Wales speeds up HPV vaccination catch-up campaign

The Welsh Assembly Government has announced that the catch-up campaign for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is to be accelerated so that even more girls and young...

Low awareness of bladder cancer is 'disappointing'

Most people have a poor understanding of the symptoms and causes of bladder cancer, according to new research from Action on Bladder Cancer (ABC), a UK charity.

Blood test could hold key to improved survival for ovarian cancer patients

Cancer Research UK scientists hope to use a simple blood test to discover which ovarian cancer patients become resistant to chemotherapy - says a leading researcher at the...

Exercising just three times a week 'still improves health'

A recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has indicated that walking for 30 minutes just three days a week could improve people's...

Mathematical model predicts breast tumours grow faster in younger women

Norwegian researchers have published details of a new estimation method, which can be used to estimate the rate of growth of breast tumours among a population.

Pioneering RNA interference library completed

Cancer Research UK and the Netherlands Cancer Institute have completed the first stage of a landmark initiative to systematically uncover the function of our genes, the...

New test hope to personalise treatment for bladder cancer patients

Cancer Research UK scientists have identified a molecule in cells which could predict the success of radiotherapy to treat individual bladder cancer patients, reveals...

Cancer campaigners bring plain packaging protest to Westminster

A GROUP of cancer campaigners covered their faces in plain packaging outside the Houses of Parliament today in support of Cancer Research UK’s latest campaign, ‘The answer...

New technique may allow more cancer patients to preserve their fertility

Scientists in Germany have shown that it is possible to stimulate a woman's ovaries during the final phase of the menstrual cycle, enabling more women who have been...