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Testicular trial puts PET scanner to the test

The world's largest trial to see if a new scanner can improve treatment for testicular cancer patients has been launched by Cancer Research UK.

Women with high calcium intake appear to have reduced cancer risk

US scientists have found that women who consume plenty of calcium-rich foods appear to have a reduced risk of cancer.

7% drop in cigarette sales since ban

Cigarette sales fell by 6.

Oesophageal cancer rates in men up 50 per cent in a generation

Oesophageal cancer rates in men have risen by 50 per cent over the last 25 years, according to new figures published by Cancer Research UK today.

Targeting protein could lead to new treatments for mouth cancer

A protein that is overactive in mouth cancers and encourages tumours to grow could be a target for new treatments for the disease.

Celebrity clothes raise cash for charity

Ryan Giggs, Big Brother star Ziggy, TV presenter Jeff Brazier and actor Chucky Venice have joined forces to donate clothes, CDs, books and homewares to a new campaign...

HIV drug lopinavir 'may prevent cervical cancer' by targeting the virus that causes the disease

A HIV treatment could prevent cases of cervical cancer by killing off cells infected with the human papilloma virus according to a new laboratory study

Cancer Research UK backs cervical screening call

Cancer Research UK has backed an NHS call for local awareness programmes to increase the number of Scottish women being screened for cervical cancer.

To Russia with love - researchers receive MRI scanner from Cancer Research UK

A team of scientists in Russia are to receive their first research MRI scanner, thanks to Cancer Research UK.

Scientists develop magnetically activated cancer-killing antibody

A cancer-killing antibody that can be activated by a magnetic field has been developed by scientists in Korea.