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Counting lung cancer cells opens window on disease

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have found that counting the number of lung cancer cells circulating in the blood could determine how aggressive the cancer is and predict...

Committee calls for increased regulation of tanning salon industry

The Welsh Assembly government should ensure tanning salons are put under greater scrutiny, a report advises.

Genetic markers could improve prostate cancer test

Analysing small genetic variations could provide a more accurate gauge for men's prostate cancer risk, report the company deCODE genetics.

Bleach component may boost cancer treatment, say scientists

Killing cancer cells with bleach and using their remains to stimulate the body's immune system may help the body fight cancer, scientists have claimed.

Cancer patients can be endangered by 'alternative cures' on the web

Internet websites promoting 'alternative' cures for cancer can seriously harm patients who follow their advice .

Putting tobacco out of sight helps put it out of mind and doesn't harm business

Putting tobacco out of sight in shops not only changes young people's attitude to smoking but doesn't result in retailers losing money - according to new research...

Trials of AS1404 for lung cancer show encouraging results

Final data from a phase II trial of a new non-small cell lung cancer drug known as AS1404 have shown a substantial survival benefit, according to Antisoma, the company...

Viral gene therapy could stop breast cancer from spreading

A new type of gene therapy has been developed by Cancer Research UK scientists which could potentially block the ability of breast cancer cells to spread around the body...

Scientists make leukaemia treatment advance

UK researchers have developed an experimental drug that appears to be up to ten times more effective at killing leukaemia cells than existing treatments.

Dame Janet Husband appointed chair of the National Cancer Research Institute

Dame Janet Husband has been appointed the new chair of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI).