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Scientists decode cancer's secret signals

Experts funded by Cancer Research UK have identified four new molecules, which they believe may hold the key to halting the rapid spread of lung cancer.

Tobacco displays increase the odds of teens becoming smokers

Young people who find tobacco displays in shops attractive and who easily recall seeing the displays have a greater chance of becoming a smoker according to a new Cancer...

Clinical trials set to test new cancer treatment

A new cancer treatment based on white blood cells called granulocytes is to be tested on humans in a phase II clinical trial at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical...

Cancer patients miss out on more than Ј90m in benefits

Over one-third of people with terminal cancer are not getting the benefits to which they are entitled, a study by Macmillan Cancer Support has found.

New breast cancer gene is 'missing link' in medical mystery

A consortium of Cancer Research UK scientists and doctors has discovered a new gene for breast and ovarian cancer - providing a missing link in an enduring medical mystery...

Nearly all men survive testicular cancer

Survival for testicular cancer has risen by almost 30 per cent in the last 40 years, with nearly all men now beating the disease latest figures show.

Cancer Research UK calls for cancer care review

Cancer Research UK has repeated its calls for a review of the NHS Cancer Plan after doctors said the cost of new drugs means they will have to rebalance priorities.

Ultrasound may help immune system detect cancer

High-intensity ultrasound beams aimed at tumours can cause them to 'leak', alerting the immune system to their presence, according to new research.

Lung cancer will kill more European women than breast cancer by 2015

Lung cancer will overtake breast cancer as the biggest killer of European women within the next two to three years.

Obese people turn a blind eye to health risks

More than a quarter of obese and overweight people do not want to lose weight and many more are unaware of the benefits brought by a healthy lifestyle, a new survey by...