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More research needed into effect of oily fish on prostate risk

Cancer Research UK has said that more research is needed to investigate the effect of eating oily fish on men's risk of prostate cancer after US scientists claimed that it...

Royal opening for new £50m Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute

Her Majesty the Queen will today officially open the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute.

Survival for UK women with late-stage breast cancer lower than in other developed countries

Breast cancer survival is lower in the UK and Denmark than in Australia, Canada, Norway and Sweden, according to new research being published in the British Journal of...

Healthy habits linked to higher quality of life among cancer survivors

Cancer survivors who lead a healthy lifestyle are more likely to enjoy a high quality of life, US scientists have found.

Stu and Ed's excellent adventure on the high seas for Cancer Research UK

Rowers Stu Turnbull and Ed Baylis who set off across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the adventure of a lifetime were today on course to reach Antigua after a back-...

Raising alcohol taxes shown to reduce deaths

US scientists have found that raising taxes on beers, wines and spirits can have an immediate lowering effect on the number of deaths from alcohol-related health problems...

Smoking ban will encourage families to go out

A quarter of England's families are set to go to cafes, restaurants and pubs more often once the country goes smokefree, new survey results from Cancer Research UK reveal...

Single radiation dose during surgery 'effective' against breast cancer

A single dose of radiation during surgery appears to be at least as effective as lengthier post-surgery courses of radiotherapy for certain patients

Oestrogen-only HRT after hysterectomy 'may protect against breast cancer'

Women who use oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to relieve menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy have a reduced risk of developing or dying from breast...

European Commission issues sunscreen recommendations

The European Commission has issued new guidance on sunscreen products, which should help to reduce the number of people who develop skin cancer.