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Smokers urged to quit during Stoptober

Smokers are being challenged to move towards a healthier life by signing up for Stoptober, the 28-day non-smoking challenge.

World-class scientists to lead Cambridge research centre

CANCER Research UK and the University of Cambridge have recruited world-renowned scientists Professors Bruce Ponder and Fiona Watt to lead their new Ј45 million state of...

Radiotherapy beats tamoxifen for treating pre-invasive breast cancer

Radiotherapy is more effective than tamoxifen for treating pre-invasive breast cancer according to a report published in The Lancet1.

'Inflammation genes' shed light on lung cancer development

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the University of Texas have found that subtle variations in two inflammation genes seem to be involved in the development...

Slapdash Slatherers increase risk of dangerous sunburn

Nearly nine out of ten people (87 per cent) could be risking dangerous levels of skin damage, which can lead to skin cancer, because they are either not using the right...

Existing drugs could treat smokers' lung cancer

A common cancer drug and a drug used for a rare condition affecting the heart could together treat an aggressive form of lung cancer called non-small cell lung cancer (...

Scientists uncover role gene plays in small cell lung cancer

US scientists have used cutting-edge gene sequencing technology to identify a gene that might be involved in the progression of small cell lung cancer.

Child obesity approach "critical" says Cancer Research UK

Developing an effective approach to tackle childhood obesity is "critical" Cancer Research UK has said, in response to a report accusing food firms of "underhand"...

Sunbeds may be addictive, warn researchers

Young people who regularly use sunbeds often display signs of addiction to using them, a US study has found.

Cancer expert beats off stiff competition to win prestigious European award for achievement

Cancer Research UK scientist, Professor Ian Tomlinson, has won the European Voice їAchiever of the yearї award, out-shining fellow nominees Sebastian Coe, Ellen McArthur,...