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Understanding boss crucial for return to work, say breast cancer survivors

The vast majority of breast cancer survivors are able to return to their jobs after treatment says new research - but an understanding boss can make all the difference....

"Research needed" to develop breast cancer prevention drug

A 'one-stop' drug treatment could one day be developed to prevent breast cancer, one of Britain's leading researchers has said.

Manchester scientists announce vaccine hope

Vaccines could be used alongside conventional treatments to combat certain forms of cancer, scientists suggest1.

More than 75,000 Cancer Research UK supporters want to ban tobacco branding

More than 75,000 people have so far signed up to support Cancer Research UK’s ‘The answer is plain’ campaign as the Department of Health consultation on the future of...

UK scientists identify gene that protects against lung cancer

Scientists at the University of Nottingham have identified a gene that helps to protect the body against lung cancer.

Scientists discover stem cell clue to lung cancer development

Cancer Research UK scientists have revealed that stem cells become 'activated' in severely damaged lungs and help to repair them, according to a study published in the...

British Indians have fewer cancers than white British population

British Indians have fewer cases of many different cancers including breast, prostate, colon and lung than the British white population, according to new research...

Diabetes drug appears to target cancer stem cells

US scientists have discovered that a drug called metformin which is commonly used to treat type-2 diabetes may target cancer stem cells, a subset of cells that are thought...

DNA changes in blood may provide early indication of liver cancer

Researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a method of early detection for liver cancer.

Advance in understanding effects of radiation

Cancer Research UK scientists have identified a new molecule that seems to play a crucial role in protecting cells against radiation.