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Womb cancer deaths rise by a fifth in the last decade

Deaths from womb (uterine) cancer have risen by nearly twenty per cent in the last decade, according to new figures from Cancer Research UK today.

New guidelines to increase bladder cancer survival, claims NHS

New clinical guidelines for dealing with bladder cancer patients should improve survival rates, the NHS watchdog has said.

Cancer Research UK secures its first orphan drug licence

A previously unshelved drug could prove effective for treating a group of rare childhood cancers.

Deprivation underlies thousands of cancer cases every year

There could be as many as 14,000 fewer cases of cancer each year in England if everyone was as healthy as the richest 20 per cent in the country.

Government lays out smokefree law choices

The Department of Health has laid out the three alternative options for MPs when they come to vote on the landmark smokefree legislation later this month.

Government to invest Ј250m in new London-based medical research centre

Gordon Brown has announced the government's commitment to investing Ј250 million in the proposed UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation (UKCMRI)

Adopting industry marketing tactics improves health, say experts

Health professionals should borrow marketing ideas from big companies to improve peoplesї health - say Cancer Research UK scientists in todayїs (Friday 19 May 2006)...

Crucial gene is the key to skin cancer

A single gene may play a major role in nearly all cases of the most commonly diagnosed human cancer, according to a report published today (Saturday 1st October 2005).

Government calls for alcopop tax to cut drinking

Health minister Patricia Hewitt has called for added tax on alcopops to curb drinking among young people.

Emotional wellbeing found to have little influence on cancer survival

A new study published in the journal Cancer has found that emotional wellbeing does not influence the prognosis of patients with head and neck cancer.