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US scientists identify genes involved in spread of breast cancer to brain

US scientists have shed new light on how breast cancer cells spread to the brain across the 'blood-brain barrier'.

Study calls for tobacco profits cap

Setting up an independent regulatory agency to cap cigarette manufacturers' profits would raise an extra Ј500 million a year, academics say.

Discovery of potent vaccine target in body's natural defence system

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered sophisticated 'watchman' cells in humans that can instruct the immune system to destroy foreign invaders like viruses and...

Wales announces fall in breast cancer deaths

The number of deaths from breast cancer in Wales has fallen from 39 per cent of breast cancer patients in 1993 to 27 per cent in 2007.

Debate on breast screening 'should not distract from the benefits' says Cancer Research UK

The debate over the precise number of women saved by breast screening should not distract people from the fact that it saves lives, say experts from Cancer Research UK....

Cancer Research UK calls for comprehensive uptake of new imaging technology in clinical trials

Clinical trials of new anti-cancer drugs could be performed more quickly, effectively and economically if the latest imaging tools were routinely employed, according to...

Scientists find bowel cancer genes that triple risk

Cancer Research UK funded scientists have identified two common genetic variants that could triple a person's risk of getting bowel cancer. Their findings are published in...

Government figures show extent of summer holiday drinking

New figures from the 'Know Your Limits' campaign show that many Britons drink excessive amounts of alcohol on their summer holidays.

MRI technique may provide earlier cervical cancer diagnosis

Scientists funded by Cancer Research UK have revealed that it may be possible to identify cervical cancer in its early stages using a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)...

Trial confirms benefit of 'exciting' new drug for advanced prostate cancer

Results of an international clinical trial have confirmed the benefits of enzalutamide, a new treatment for advanced prostate cancer.