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Cancer Research UK scientists help narrow the search for BRCA1 carriers

Cancer Research UK scientists have identified a new test which may help narrow the search for breast cancer patients likely to carry the faulty BRCA1 gene.

Vitamins E and C and selenium 'do not protect against cancer'

Two new studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association have found that people who supplement their diet with vitamins E and C or the mineral selenium do not...

People with family history of melanoma 'ignore their own risk'

Young people with a family history of melanoma often fail to follow experts' advice on staying safe in the sun, US scientists have found.

Smokers warned: 'Cutting back can still damage your health'

Cancer Research UK is warning that smokers' efforts to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke may cause them to become complacent about quitting altogether.

Recession saw fewer smokers quitting

Since the recession began the number of smokers quitting has fallen according to new research being presented at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Liverpool today (Tuesday)....

NICE approves new prostate cancer treatment

The UK medical watchdog NICE has approved the use of chemotherapy drug docetaxel to treat men with advanced prostate cancer.

Asian community less likely to attend cancer screening

A new study has found that members of the South Asian community are 15 per cent less likely to attend breast cancer screening and only half as likely to accept an...

Scientists identify genes for cancer lifestyles

People who smoke, take drugs or drink heavily could have their genes to blame for their unhealthy lifestyles, Cancer Research UK scientists reveal in a study1.

Cancer Research Technology and Teva Pharmaceuticals form R&D alliance for R&D DNA damage response drugs

Cancer Research Technology Ltd. (CRT), Cancer Research UK’s technology development arm, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NYSE: TEVA) have signed a multi-project...

Study suggests art therapy can ease pain

A new study has concluded that art therapy could possibly help to ease pain for many cancer sufferers but more research is needed, claims the Cancer Research UK.