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Bowel cancer risk doubles for men

Men's chances of getting bowel cancer in Great Britain have doubled since the mid 70s - according to new figures released today by Cancer Research UK.

Virtual biopsy may identify between harmless and precancerous bowel lesions

It may soon be possible for doctors to investigate potentially pre-cancerous bowel lesions or 'polyps' without removing them, scientists have said.

Blood pressure drug improves effect of chemotherapy in mice

A tried and tested blood pressure drug may improve the effects of chemotherapy, US scientists have shown.

Web info with chatrooms best for breast cancer patients says study

Breast cancer patients who make full use of online information and resources such as support groups are most likely to feel equipped to fight their disease, says research...

Professor Alex Markham to step down as Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK today announced that Professor Alex Markham, the Charity's Chief Executive, would be stepping down in Spring 2007 to return to the University of Leeds,...

Womb cancer deaths rise by a fifth in the last decade

Deaths from womb (uterine) cancer have risen by nearly twenty per cent in the last decade, according to new figures from Cancer Research UK today.

New guidelines to increase bladder cancer survival, claims NHS

New clinical guidelines for dealing with bladder cancer patients should improve survival rates, the NHS watchdog has said.

Cancer Research UK secures its first orphan drug licence

A previously unshelved drug could prove effective for treating a group of rare childhood cancers.

Deprivation underlies thousands of cancer cases every year

There could be as many as 14,000 fewer cases of cancer each year in England if everyone was as healthy as the richest 20 per cent in the country.