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No clinical evidence for Vitamin C cancer claim warns Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has warned that a report suggesting large doses of vitamin C may help tackle cancer is potentially misleading.

Race influences how we cope with cancer

White patients cope better with the pressure of cancer than their British Asian counterparts according to research published on-line today (Thursday) in the British...

Improved breast cancer awareness in older women could save lives

Survival rates for breast cancer in older women could be significantly improved by a simple awareness programme that promotes early presentation of the disease, according...

Cautious welcome for lung screening trial results

All smokers and former smokers should be screened for lung cancer, whether or not they have any of the initial symptoms of the disease, a US scientist has said.

Antibodies can target cancer proteins inside cells, say Singapore researchers

Scientists in Singapore have shown that antibody-based therapies can be used to target proteins inside cancer cells, overturning the traditional view that only proteins on...

Study identifies common gene fault in kidney cancer

A study, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, has identified a gene that is faulty in one-third of patients with the most common form of kidney cancer.

Cancer molecule is key to bowel cancer spread

Cancer Research UK scientists have uncovered a key function of the first ever molecule to be implicated in the development of cancer.

Most regret ever starting smoking

The majority of smokers and ex-smokers – 85 per cent – regret ever starting the potentially deadly habit in the first place, show new data from Cancer Research UK...

Most teens unaware of tobacco blindness risks

More than nine out of ten teenagers are unaware that smoking can lead to blindness, new research has shown.

Experimental vaccine reduces bowel cancer spread in mice

US scientists have tested an experimental bowel cancer vaccine that they believe could lead to the development of an entirely new kind of cancer vaccine.