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Study will investigate possibility of earlier cancer diagnosis

New research into the chemistry of DNA in cells could one day allow doctors to diagnose cancer earlier in patients, as well as provide improved treatment, a scientist from...

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug.

One or two drinks a day increase the risk of cancer in women

Women who regularly have one or two alcoholic drinks a day increase their risk of several cancers according to a new report from Cancer Research UK published today.

Cancer patients seek reassurance through nurse helplines

A survey by Cancer Research UK’s helpline nurses has revealed that patients mainly need information to understand their situation and for peace of mind - not just to make...

Study sheds new light on breast cancer hormone links

Some women who naturally produce higher levels of a protein called aromatase in their breasts may face an increased risk of developing breast cancer, US researchers have...

Study sheds light on cancer-causing gene

US scientists have discovered a previously unknown way by which a cancer-causing version of the Myc gene speeds up the progression of the disease.

Cardiff kids take care of their health

Cardiff children worry about their health and would change their habits to reduce the risk of illness in the future.

Study finds little benefit from breast self-exams, but being 'breast-aware' is vital

The practice of regularly self-examining to check for breast lumps or other possible signs of breast cancer may not actually reduce the number of deaths from the disease,...

Trial suggests role for lapatinib in 'inflammatory' breast cancer

Results of a preliminary trial suggest that lapatinib (Tykerb) could be used to treat the rare 'inflammatory' breast cancer (IBC), researchers have said.

Dearth of bowel cancer surgeons in the North

Almost 90 per cent of breast cancer patients needing surgery in the north of England can expect to be operated on by specialist surgeons according to a report based on the...