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Drug prolongs lives of patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer

Women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer who take the drug tamoxifen for five years after breast cancer surgery can cut their long-term chances of dying from the disease...

Vitamin C may reduce effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs

Vitamin C substantially reduces the ability of anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells in the laboratory, say scientists in the US.

Gene silencing paves way to new treatments for breast cancer

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have discovered that switching off a gene called CERT makes breast cancer cells more sensitive to a range of drugs.

New drug could help target cancer cells with deadly accuracy

A new drug that could revolutionise the impact of radiotherapy on cancer and make treatment much more effective, has been developed by Cancer Research UK scientists - it...

Dying for a tan: exposing the risks of using a sunbed

More young Brits than ever before are tanning themselves on sunbeds, despite repeated warnings of the dangers of skin cancer, according to leading charity Cancer Research...

Football scheme to promote awareness of 'male' cancer symptoms

The Department of Health has launched a new pilot scheme using football to promote awareness of cancer symptoms in men.

Pill and pregnancy have biggest effects on ovarian cancer risk

Taking the Pill for 10 years can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by almost half (45 per cent), new research part-funded by Cancer Research UK shows today.

Optimal band imaging detects early gastric cancer

A new study has shown that a technique designed to enhance images obtained during endoscopy could help to diagnose early gastric (stomach) cancer.

Europe's first database of tobacco industry evidence goes online

Up to 14,000 pages of evidence examining the inner workings of the tobacco industry will become available to everyone through an online database.

NHS campaign highlights persistent cough as possible sign of lung cancer

People with a persistent cough should see their GP in case it is an early sign of lung cancer, health chiefs say.