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Charity reassures families over childhood cancer survival stats

Charity reassures families over childhood cancer survival stats Cancer Research UK has responded to claims that children with cancer have shorter survival in the UK than...

Laser technique improves accuracy of brain tumour surgery

A new laser-based technology could make brain tumour surgery much more accurate, according to US research.

Drug prolongs lives of patients with hormone-sensitive breast cancer

Women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer who take the drug tamoxifen for five years after breast cancer surgery can cut their long-term chances of dying from the disease...

'Junk' RNA could help halt development of cancer

Certain RNA molecules, `photocopiesї of DNA which previously had no known function, have been shown to regulate chromosomal DNA replication and may play a role in the...

New research moves us one step closer to personalised breast cancer treatment

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have found that a test, already used in breast cancer diagnosis, can also predict who will and who wonїt benefit from commonly used...

New advance in bone marrow disease treatment

A new drug for treating Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a bone marrow disease that often leads to cancer, is showing promise in clinical trials, according to a new study...

New drug could help target cancer cells with deadly accuracy

A new drug that could revolutionise the impact of radiotherapy on cancer and make treatment much more effective, has been developed by Cancer Research UK scientists - it...

Nine in ten survive early stage bowel cancer

Nine in ten people with bowel cancer that is caught early will survive the disease, according to new statistics published today (Tuesday).

Scientists suggest light approach to cancer therapy

Scientists have said that treating cancer cells with a substance that causes them to emit light could be used to trigger light-sensitive drugs and prevent damage to...

Minister launches bowel cancer screening programme in Northern Ireland

The bowel cancer screening programme, which detects early signs of the disease, has been launched in Northern Ireland.