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Lifestyle factors increase risk of breast cancer in women with BRCA faults

A new study has confirmed that women with faults in the genes BRCA1 or BRCA2 face a greater risk of developing cancer, and that lifestyle factors can further increase the...

Scientists identify melanoma stem cells

Researchers in the US have discovered that rogue stem cells appear to be capable of kick-starting the development of melanoma skin cancer in humans.

852 million people use tobacco products worldwide

Despite efforts to control the use of tobacco, it is still consumed by 852 million people worldwide, according to US researchers.

Triple benefit for gene that puts brakes on cancer

A gene that may put the brakes on the development of cancer could form the basis of a test to guide treatment of the disease, scientists report in the British Journal of...

Cancer researchers and astronomers team up to beat cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have honed techniques originally developed to spot distant galaxies and used them to identify biomarkers that signal a cancer’s...

UK scientists uncover crucial mechanism for cancer spread

A study funded by Cancer Research UK has shed light on a group of proteins that are involved in the spread of cancer - a process known as metastasis.

Sunburn, smoking, alcohol and obesity fuelling rising cancer rates

New statistics from Cancer Research UK reveal steep rises in cancers linked to excessive sun exposure, alcohol, smoking and obesity.

Scientists develop new drug to outflank cancer resistance

A new drug has shown promising results against breast and prostate cancer cells and tumours that are resistant to conventional hormone-based treatments, according to...

Scientists hope to put breast cancers 'to sleep'

Scientists have suggested that it may one day be possible to push some breast cancers into a state of 'sleep' by targeting a gene involved in some aggressive forms of the...

HPV testing for cervical cancer 'the best option for women over 30'

Testing for the presence of DNA from the human papillomavirus (HPV) alongside conventional smear test is the best cervical cancer screening option for all women aged 30...