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'Jade effect' helps save lives as cervical cancer rates rise

THE rate of new cervical cancers diagnosed in the UK increased by 15 per cent in a year, according to figures from Cancer Research UK today.

Heavy smokers who cut down 'compensate with deeper, longer puffs'

Research has shown that heavy smokers that have cut down on their smoking still experience significantly greater exposure to toxins per cigarette than light smokers -...

Scientists find more evidence for inherited lung cancer risk

Japanese researchers say that they have identified more evidence of an inherited risk of lung cancer.

Charity 'on song' to educate kids

Cancer Research UK has this month launched its biggest ever initiative to get more than a quarter of a million children to take an interest in science and health.

Breath test could help to detect cancer

A test using a patient's breath could be developed to detect lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancers, a team of scientists have discovered.

Cancer Research UK's Professor Sir Richard Peto wins BMJ Group Lifetime Achievement Award

Cancer Research UK scientist Professor Sir Richard Peto has been presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the international BMJ Group Awards

'Protective' breast cancer gene may lead to new treatments

Scientists looking for new breast cancer genes have discovered a genetic variant that appears to slightly reduce the risk of breast cancer among the women who inherit it...

Contact allergies 'may be associated with reduced risk of some cancers'

People with contact allergies to common metals and chemicals may be less likely to develop certain types of cancer, according to a study by scientists.

Cheeky Girls say "get SunSmart on your cheeky holiday"

In the run up to the launch of their sure-fire summer hit, Hooray, Hooray (It's a Cheeky Holiday) on 4th August, The Cheeky Girls are backing Cancer Research UK's SunSmart...

Knowledge boosts pain killing drugs

Giving cancer patients information on how to deal with their pain and manage their medicine can result in a 20 per cent improvement in pain control, according to research...