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HPV pushes oral cancer cases past 6,000 a year

The number of oral cancer cases diagnosed each year in the UK has risen above 6,000 for the first time, new figures from Cancer Research UK show today.

Campaign warns of unseen health damage caused by alcohol misuse

A government-funded advertising campaign launching today, aims to raise awareness of the unseen health damage caused by regular alcohol misuse.

'More research needed' after scientists suggest well-cooked meat affects bladder cancer risk

US scientists have suggested a link between eating well-done meat and a slightly increased risk of bladder cancer.

Cell test could predict DCIS breast cancer recurrence

A new test could predict which women have an aggressive form of breast cancer in the milk ducts (DCIS) and spare other women from unnecessary radiotherapy, according to...

NHS must meet smokers' quit needs before ban

The NHS must ensure that the services it offers to smokers trying to quit are equal to the expected boom leading up to the smoking ban, says a University of Bath study....

Kylie breast cancer prompted rise in screening in Australia

There was a rise in the number of Australian women between the ages of 25 and 44 going for breast screening in the months following Kylie Minogue's breast cancer diagnosis...

Clarity over Cancer Drugs Fund should be 'a priority'

Charities have asked for clarification on how patients in England will access certain life-extending treatments when the Cancer Drugs Fund expires next year.

Scientists uncover lung cancer's survival secrets

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a key mechanism that protects lung cancer from the lethal effects of chemotherapy.

Cardiff scientists take on leukaemia with drugs personalised to individual patients

Cardiff scientists are treating leukaemia by trialling new drugs tailored to individual patientsї genetic make-up.

Government warns on hand rolling myths

The government has warned that smoking hand-rolled tobacco is just as harmful as smoking ready-made cigarettes, despite public perceptions to the contrary.