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Trial drug extends life of men with advanced prostate cancer

An experimental hormone treatment called enzalutamide extends the life of men with advanced prostate cancer, trials in the UK have shown.

New cancer vaccine target found

Cancer Research UK scientists have identified an important new protein target which could be used to produce highly focused vaccine therapies for cancer - according to...

Gene helps predict which women with ovarian cancer will benefit most from chemotherapy

Measuring how active a gene is in women with ovarian cancer could predict who will benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy drugs – a common treatment for the disease.

NCRI calls for greater lung cancer funding

The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has called for greater research into lung cancer in a report released at its annual conference in Birmingham.

Healthy habits linked to higher quality of life among cancer survivors

Cancer survivors who lead a healthy lifestyle are more likely to enjoy a high quality of life, US scientists have found.

Stu and Ed's excellent adventure on the high seas for Cancer Research UK

Rowers Stu Turnbull and Ed Baylis who set off across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the adventure of a lifetime were today on course to reach Antigua after a back-...

Cancer Research UK launches new information website

Cancer Research UK will today launch its new Information Resource Centre website, aimed at the general public, healthcare professionals, policy makers, journalists,...

Single radiation dose during surgery 'effective' against breast cancer

A single dose of radiation during surgery appears to be at least as effective as lengthier post-surgery courses of radiotherapy for certain patients

GPs to take obesity battle to patients

GPs in England are to receive new guidelines from the Department of Health on advising people who are overweight or obese, recommending that they play an active role in...

Oestrogen-only HRT after hysterectomy 'may protect against breast cancer'

Women who use oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to relieve menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy have a reduced risk of developing or dying from breast...