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Radiotherapy before surgery slashes bowel cancer recurrence says trial

An international clinical trial has found a way to minimise the risk of tumour recurrence in bowel cancer patients to as little as one per cent.

Naked training - 28 women go Au Naturel to fight cancer

Women from around the UK, including model Nell McAndrew, stripped bare to launch Cancer Research UK's Race for Life 2008 in chilly London. United by their individual...

Cancer Research UK Reveals 2012’S Greatest Legacies

The Olympic and Paralympic Games combined are expected to leave the most significant legacy of 2012, according to a survey by Cancer Research UK.

Britons among EU worst for binge drinking

The UK has one of the highest rates of binge drinking in the EU, according to groundbreaking research by the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS).

Mushrooms may work wonders in cancer treatment and prevention

Exotic mushrooms could herald a new era of cancer treatment and prevention as the Western world learns lessons from the Orient according to a report released by Cancer...

Tests of satraplatin for prostate cancer show encouraging results

The results of a phase III clinical trial of a new prostate cancer drug - satraplatin - have been encouraging, according to the drug companies involved.

Making sense of the PSA test for prostate cancer

Male relatives of prostate cancer patients need more information in order to help them understand the possible familial risk of the disease, and to decide whether or not...

Scotland unveils smoking prevention action plan

The Scottish Government has unveiled plans to cut the number of young people who take up smoking.

Estimates show overall fall in cancer death rates in Europe

Death rates from cancer will fall across Europe this year, Swiss and Italian scientists have predicted.

Cancer burden to continue rising says report

Cancer rates across Europe will continue to rise as the population steadily ages, according to an International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) report.