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Breast cancer spread may be detected by blood tests say researchers

Cancer Research UK has cautiously welcomed the preliminary results of research suggesting that blood tests could be used to detect the spread of breast cancer.

Australian Senate passes cigarette pack reform

Britain has been urged to follow the example set by the Australian government over plans to ban logos and advertising on cigarette packets.

'Cut and Paste' clue to breast cancer

Breast cancer cells can cut and paste genes from one place to another to create dangerous new combinations of DNA, a Cancer Research UK study reveals1.

Drug's 'double hit' overcomes leukaemia resistance

A drug that uses a unique ‘double hit’ to kill leukaemia cells could be a potential new treatment for patients with acute myeloid leukaemia. The research, majority funded...

Scientists mix drugs to match cancer

Doctors could soon be able to mix and match anti-cancer drugs, in order to arrive at the ideal combination for attacking a particular tumour, following research1 published...

New 'protector gene' switched off in two-thirds of ovarian cancers

A new gene that normally protects against ovarian cancer is switched-off in two-thirds of cases of the disease, reveals a study published in the journal Neoplasia.

Cannabis compound may stop breast cancer progression

A chemical found in the plant Cannabis sativa may help to prevent the spread of breast cancer cells throughout the body, a new study has found.

Food firms still marketing unhealthy products to children

A new report from consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that many food companies are still not curbing their marketing of unhealthy foods to children despite repeated...

Nearly two thirds of adults do not meet physical activity guidelines

The majority of adults are not physically active enough, meaning that they face an increased risk of cancer and other serious illnesses, according to a new survey by the...

Cancer Research UK urges government to 'strengthen' alcohol commitment

Cancer Research UK has signed up to the Responsibility Deal announced by health secretary Andrew Lansley today (March 15th)