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Plain, standardised cigarette packs not a problem for small shops

Putting all cigarettes in packs of uniform colour, size and design has not caused sales staff any problems in serving customers according to new research published today (...

Drugs committee recommends 18 year minimum for cigarette sales

The government's drug advisory committee has recommended that the minimum age for tobacco sales should be raised to 18 and that alcohol advertising should be restricted....

Government announces 775m investment in NHS research

Up to 775 million of government funding is to be made available over the next five years for research aimed at delivering benefits to NHS patients.

Brits keep fit to look good, not reduce cancer risk

UK men and women say reducing their risk of cancer is last on a list of reasons to exercise, according to a national survey by Cancer Research UK and Cannons.

Cancer Research UK launches new website to reveal local cancer statistics

Cancer Research UK unveils a new website that reveals a comprehensive breakdown of cancer statistics, which allows everyone to get the latest figures for their area.

'Helper' white blood cells trigger cancer-killing immune response

US scientists have discovered that a specific form of a white blood cell, called a T helper cell, can set off a chain of events that produce custom-made immune cells...

Early trials begin for new breast-growing technique

Researchers in Australia plan to test a new technique designed to stimulate natural breast tissue to regrow following surgery.

Researchers uncover 'fingerprint' of breast cancers that spread to the brain

Breast cancer cells that break off from tumours have a biological 'fingerprint' that could allow doctors to spot women whose disease is likely to spread to the brain,...

Lung cancer rates double in women over 60

Lung cancer rates have doubled for women over 60 since the mid 1970s according to new Cancer Research UK figures released today (Monday) ahead of No Smoking Day this...

Broccoli linked to decreased risk of advanced prostate cancer

Canadian researchers have found evidence that men who eat plenty of dark green and 'cruciferous' vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, may be less likely to...