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Britain warned that obesity epidemic will cause thousands more cases of cancer

Cancer Research UK today put Britain on a warning that the rising tide of obesity could result in as many 12,000 cases of weight related cancer diagnosed annually 2010....

Doctors missing out on important information

Doctors are not being armed with all the information they need to make treatment decisions because data from clinical trials is being left unpublished and inaccessible,...

Brisk walking may reduce risk of prostate cancer progression

Men with early-stage prostate cancer may benefit from walking briskly for at least three hours per week, US scientists have found.

Government to step up tobacco controls

The Department of Health has revealed new plans to protect children and young people from smoking, including the removal of cigarette displays in shops and the...

Sexual health experts back HPV vaccination for young gay men

Young gay men should be vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, UK sexual health experts have said.

New screening test could prevent more cervical cancer

A new test could be a more effective early warning system for preventing cervical cancer than the traditional smear - according to Cancer Research UK scientists.

Celebs unleash their pink side

Tough guy actor Liam Neeson and the former man behaving badly Martin Clunes have got in touch with their feminine sides to model pink handbags for Cancer Research UK.

Breast cancer blood test in development say researchers

Scientists are in the early stages of developing a blood test that could eventually be used to detect breast cancer.

Charity urges government to act now and put restrictions on sunbed use

Tomorrow Scotland takes steps to protect children from sunbeds by banning under 18s from using them and ensuring adults are fully informed of the risks, Cancer Research UK...

Cancer Research UK states need for further research into electronic cigarettes

A new Cancer Research UK report highlights the unanswered questions surrounding the safety and effectiveness of electronic or e-cigarettes.