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Sugar and cancer – what you need to know

We tackle the myth that sugar 'feeds' cancer cells, and explore how the amount of sugar in our diets is cause for concern due to obesity.

News digest – vaping, dirty air, ‘carbon-dating’ cancer and… gardening?

Fewer vapers are smoking cigarettes, ‘carbon-dating’ cancer spread and... gardening to tackle childhood obesity? Here’s our weekly news digest.

Competition between immune cells could explain why some immunotherapy drugs fail

New images may have uncovered why in some cases cancers don’t respond to certain immunotherapy drugs.

Cutting smoking rates could save the NHS £67 million a year

If smoking rates dropped to five per cent in the UK by 2035, the NHS could save £67million in just one year.

Prescription history could help GPs diagnose cancer earlier

Scientists are to examine whether identifying patterns in medication given to patients before they develop cancer could improve early diagnosis.

Two million people will be diagnosed with cancer during the next parliament

Cancer Research UK expects around two million people to be diagnosed with cancer in the UK during the time of the next parliament according to new figures.

More than half of British vapers have now given up smoking tobacco

For the first time, less than half the people in Great Britain who use e-cigarettes also smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Sun Awareness Week: 10 new sun safety myths debunked

For Sun Awareness Week we're tackling 10 persistent sun safety myths, and encouraging people to think about how they can stay safe in the sun.

News digest – Prostate cancer blood test, falling drinking rates, CRISPR-ing cancer cells and… a cancer-detecting bra?

Prostate cancer blood test, falling drinking rates, CRISPR-ing cancer cells and... a cancer-detecting bra? Here's our weekly news digest.

Taking a potential new breast cancer treatment from the lab to the clinic

Our research has led to new clinical trials testing a combination of hormone therapies in women with early, double-positive breast cancer.