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News digest – cancer Taskforce, bone drugs for breast cancer, Tasmanian Devils and…coffee pot rice?

For the last six months, a team of cancer experts has been working out where NHS cancer services should be heading over the next five years – and this week...

The NCIN conference – ‘learning more, researching more, and translating more into practice’

The continued breach of cancer waiting times seen across the UK is a worrying indication that NHS cancer services are under serious pressure.


Osteoporosis drug could benefit postmenopausal women with breast cancer

Drugs used to treat the bone condition osteoporosis could prevent 1000 breast cancer deaths a year

Hitting the self-destruct switch – standing up to womb cancer with PARP inhibitors

In the summer of 2013, mum of two, Suzanne Harford went to see the doctor after noticing unusual changes in her monthly cycle. Thinking that she might have...

Treating common bacterial infection could help prevent stomach cancer

A short course of antibiotic treatment has the potential to reduce the risk of stomach cancer linked to infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria.