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Chemo drug works by tricking cells into thinking they're infected

A type of chemotherapy drug appears to work by tricking cells into thinking they're infected with viruses.

Half of people unaware of advanced life-saving radiotherapy

Half of people in Great Britain do not know about any of the advanced types of life-saving radiotherapy treatments now available.

To improve radiotherapy for patients, we need to improve its profile

Dr Diana Tait, chair of the Radiotherapy Awareness Programme, blogs about today’s new survey of public awareness of radiotherapy

Most people have...

More evidence that blood samples could help monitor breast cancer

UK scientists have shown how DNA released into the bloodstream by cancer cells could be used to monitor women with breast cancer.

Our milestones: Cisplatin – the story of a platinum-selling life-saver

This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Our milestones

In the latest in Our Milestones series, we go back to the 1970s to look at how Cancer...