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Science Surgery: ‘Do we all have potentially cancerous cells in our bodies?’

In this instalment of our Science Surgery series, we explore what gives a cell the potential to become cancerous, and how the body stops this from happening.

Two Global Cancer Leaders Announce Ambitious Strategic Alliance

Cancer Research UK and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) are launching an international alliance to speed the pace of progress against cancer.

News digest – how kidney cancer evolves, the harms of booze, a cancer vaccine trial and… Tasmanian devils?

In the news this week: tracking kidney cancers through time, more funding for prostate cancer research and early promise for an ovarian cancer treatment vaccine.

Unclear if cancer test funding is being used as intended

NHS funding designed to improve cancer early diagnosis might not be reaching the right services, according to a new report.

'Killer' kidney cancers identified by studying their evolution

Scientists have discovered that kidney cancer follows distinct evolutionary paths, enabling them to detect whether a tumour will be aggressive.

Piecing together kidney cancer evolution

Our scientists have tracked the evolution of kidney cancers. Find out how this could help patients in the future.

News digest: Sugar tax, ‘one-stop diagnosis shops’, high-tech MRI and…cancer’s genetic roots?

In the news this week: 'sugar tax' on soft drinks and scientists publish results from the largest ever genetic analysis of cancer.

5 ways research can help prevent cancer

Following our research on how lifestyle affects cancer risk, we look at how research into vaccines, screening and drugs could also help prevent cancers.

Soft drinks sugar tax to tackle obesity ‘has already had an effect’

A ‘sugar tax’ on drinks has come into force today. Campaigners hope it will reduce obesity levels and improve health.

News digest – cutting chemo, ovarian cancer drug, Scottish waiting times, and… a new human organ?

This week a study suggested that chemotherapy courses could be halved for some patients, and a new human organ may have been discovered. Read more in our news digest.