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Research And Trials

Cancer Research UK joins forces with Wellcome Trust, Syncona and BACIT to create life sciences champion

Cancer Research UK is delighted to announce that it is aligning with the Wellcome Trust, Syncona and BACIT

NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 1 – lung cancer and yeast

We're in Liverpool for the annual National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference, sharing updates from the most exciting research on show.

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology partner with TYG Oncology to develop next generation cancer vaccine

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology (CRT) have signed an agreement with TYG oncology Ltd (TYG) to take its new cancer vaccine into clinical trials

Sellafield, radiation and childhood cancer – shedding light on cancer clusters near nuclear sites

A new report confirms that radiation from a nuclear plant wasn't to blame for a spike in childhood leukaemia in north-west England - so what was?

Zebrafish reveal brain tumours’ secret ally

Our scientists have made it possible to see the unexpected relationship between immune cells and brain tumour cells.

Radiotherapy gets the investment it needs

NHS England has announced that it will invest £130m in new radiotherapy machines. Read why that investment is so important.

Study suggests link between bacterium and oesophageal cancer survival

The presence of a particular bacterium in oesophageal tumours could be linked to lower survival, according to a new Japanese study.

The perfect match: making breast cancer treatment more personal

In the fourth of our series of posts for Stand Up To Cancer, we focus on a clinical trial that's finding faulty genes to improve breast cancer treatment.

Tumour cells may ‘hijack’ white blood cells to help spread

White blood cells that usually help fight infections could be co-opted by cancer cells to help tumours spread, a new US study has found.

Science Snaps: leukaemia cells are born to run

For this edition of Science Snaps we peer inside some bones, investigating how leukaemia cells get around and dodge treatment.