Prostate cancer news

‘I don’t let anything beat me’ – Keith’s story

Keith Hubbard is just one of the stories featured in our Annual Review, highlighting the progress we’re making and our aims for the future.

Inherited gene faults could play greater role in advanced prostate cancer than previously thought

Inherited gene faults are more common among men with advanced prostate cancer than in those with localised disease.

Prostate cancer trial results should mean fewer hospital trips to have radiotherapy

The results of a clinical trial testing radiotherapy doses for treating prostate cancer should be good news for men.

MRI scans help men avoid unnecessary prostate biopsy

MRI scans can identify around a quarter of men who have raised PSA levels but who do not have prostate cancer, according to new research.

Recently funded research – studying populations to piece together cancer clues

We look at the latest round of innovative and exciting new projects we're funding in population research.