Press releases

Pancreatic cancer has four distinct types

Researchers have found that pancreatic cancer can be split into four unique types, a discovery that could help improve treatments for the disease.

‘Patchwork’ ovarian cancer more deadly

The most common type of ovarian cancer is more deadly if it consists of a patchwork of different groups of cells.

Women back idea of more breast screens for those at high risk of cancer

Most women would back the idea of more frequent breast screening if they are at higher genetic risk of developing breast cancer, according to research.

Thousands help Cancer Research UK ‘Cross Cancer Out’

Thousands of people helped Cancer Research UK Cross Cancer Out by pledging their support to get cancer treatments on the political agenda.

A cancer false alarm could discourage people from checking out future symptoms

Cancer Research UK scientists have found that having a cancer false alarm could put people off checking out cancer symptoms they develop in the future.