Press releases

Marker found in one in six people could give higher risk of lung and other cancers

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered why a gene fault found in around one in six people gives a higher risk of 26 cancer types.

Step towards breath test for lung cancer

Subtle genetic changes can be detected in the vapour given off by cells engineered to mimic early lung cancer, according to research in the BJC.

NHS cancer services need increased investment or ‘cracks will begin to show’

NHS cancer services in England are at tipping point as staff fight a brave ‘rear-guard action’ to keep the services viable for cancer patients.

Children’s cancer death rates drop by more than 20 per cent in 10 years

The rate of children dying from cancer has dropped by 22 per cent in the last decade.

Some women still don’t understand ‘overdiagnosis’ risk in breast screening

Women who are given information about the chance of ‘overdiagnosis’ through the NHS breast screening programme may not fully understand the risks.