Press releases

Tobacco goes out of sight as shop keepers admit to little profit from cigs

Retailers are preparing to end years of openly-displayed tobacco on their shelves, with nearly all acknowleding they made little profit from tobacco.

Cancer Research UK and The Lustgarten Foundation join with Stand Up To Cancer to fund new Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team

Cancer Research UK, Stand Up To Cancer and The Lustgarten Foundation have joined forces to fund a Cancer Dream Team Translational Research Grant.

Campaigns improve awareness of cancer symptoms and boost GP visits

Awareness campaigns boost the public’s knowledge of lung and bowel cancer symptoms and increase the numbers who go to their doctor.

Healthy-looking prostate cells mask cancer-causing mutations

Prostate cells that look normal under the microscope may be hiding genetic mutations that could develop into cancer, according to new research.

Business leaders team up to run for Cancer Research UK

Chief executives from the world of business and finance are swapping the boardroom for the London Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK