Press releases

Promising results in phase 1 trial lead immatics to continue work on vaccine (IMA950) for glioblastoma

A NEW cancer vaccine (IMA950) for glioblastoma has met the two primary endpoints of safety and immunogenicity in a trial conducted by Cancer Research UK....

‘Dustman’ protein helps bin cancer cells

Cancer researchers have discovered a new ‘dustman’ role for a molecule that helps a drug kill cancer cells according to a study.

Skin cancer rates five times higher than in 70s

Rates of people diagnosed with malignant melanoma are now five times higher than 40 years ago, according to the latest figures.

Revolutionary clinical trial aims to advance lung cancer treatment thanks to Cancer Research UK and Pharma partnership

Cancer Research UK is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to create a pioneering clinical trial for patients with advanced lung cancer 

Cholesterol unlocks clues to prostate cancer spread

In a British Journal of Cancer study, scientists have uncovered a link between cholesterol and prostate cancer’s ability to spread to the bones.