Press releases

£50m CRT Pioneer Fund announces investment to develop lung cancer drugs at Cancer Research UK’s Manchester Institute

The CRT Pioneer Fund announces a collaboration with the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Drug Discovery Unit.

15,000 extra children survived cancer thanks to improvements since the 1970s

During the last 40 years over 15,000 more children have beaten cancer than would have done if survival had remained the same as in the 1970s

Scientists uncover vast numbers of DNA ‘blind spots’ that may hide cancer-causing mistakes

Cancer Research UK scientists have found more than 400 ‘blind spots’ in DNA which could hide cancer-causing gene faults.

Britain’s obese in denial about their weight

A majority of obese people in Britain would not describe themselves as “obese”, and many would not even describe themselves as “very overweight”.

Another tobacco company breaches advertising code as charity urges young people to tell the industry to ‘smoke this’

An Imperial Tobacco advertisement has been said to be "harmful and irresponsible" in the latest ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority