Press releases

Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as Cancer Research Technology, the National Cancer Research Institute and the British Journal of Cancer.

Cancer Research UK comments on the Government's response to the National Data Guardian Review

Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support welcome the Government’s response to the National Data Guardian Review.

Simple test predicts return of bladder cancer

Scientists have devised a simple test for an earlier and more accurate warning of returning bladder cancer than existing methods.

Cancer Research UK responds to Fundraising Preference Service announcement

Cancer Research UK responds to the news that the Fundraising Preference Service will enable people to opt out of charity communications

British smokers down by 1.9million since the ban

Ten years after the smoking ban, new figures from Cancer Research UK reveal there are 1.9 million* fewer smokers in Britain.

More than a quarter of women missing smear tests are unaware they exist

More than a quarter (28 per cent) of women who are overdue for a smear test don’t know about the cervical screening programme.