Press releases

Scientists map out how childhood brain tumours relapse

Researchers have discovered the unique genetic paths that the childhood brain tumour medulloblastoma follows when the disease comes back

Combining images and genetic data proves gene loss behind aggressive ovarian cancers

Scientists have shown that loss of a gene called PTEN  triggers some cases of an aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

People with low numeracy feel negative about taking part in bowel cancer screening

People who have problems with numbers may be more likely to feel negative about bowel cancer screening.

Three new companies join Cancer Research UK-Abcodia collaboration to identify blood markers for early cancer detection

Three new biomarker companies have been selected to join a CRT-lead initiative to develop blood tests that can detect pre-symotomatic cancer.

Obese more likely to lose weight after cancer diagnosis

Obese cancer survivors are more likely to lose weight than those with a healthy weight and obese people without cancer.