Press releases

Latest press releases from Cancer Research UK, as well as Cancer Research Technology, the National Cancer Research Institute and the British Journal of Cancer.

Half of people unaware of advanced life-saving radiotherapy

Half of people in Great Britain do not know about any of the advanced types of life-saving radiotherapy treatments now available.

Thousands of patients missing out on targeted cancer drugs

Thousands of cancer patients are missing out on personalised treatments each year because they are not being tested to see if they might benefit from them...

Combining chemotherapy with an immune-blocking drug could stop cancer growing back

Giving patients a drug that blocks part of the immune system from going into overdrive might help prevent cancer coming back in some people.

Survival three times higher when cancer is diagnosed early

Survival for some of the most common types of cancer is more than three times higher when the disease is diagnosed in the earlier stages

Newcastle gets £5 million to boost drug development

Cancer Research UK’s Drug Discovery Committee has awarded the Northern Institute of Cancer Research £5M to bring more cancer drugs to clinic trials.