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Why are cancer rates increasing?

UK cancer rates are increasing. But why? As we publish new stats on ‘lifetime risk’, we look at why rates on the up, and what needs to be done.

NCRI Cancer Conference reports, communicating risks, and a lifetime of research

We’re reporting back from the 10th NCRI conference, with a look at communicating cancer risks and a lifetime in research for scientist Ron Laskey.

Early diagnosis, NHS under pressure, skirt sizes, and progress in bowel cancer

The challenges of late diagnosis in an NHS stretched to breaking point, the evidence on skirt size and cancer risk, and a personal story of progress.

Aspirin, obesity, NICE and focusing on pancreatic cancer

We look at aspirin for cancer prevention, obesity and cancer risk, why NICE turned down new cancer drugs, and focus on pancreatic cancer.

The Pill and cancer risk, sensitising tumours, and physicists fight cancer

How the Pill affects cancer risk, making tumours more sensitive to treatment, and fighting cancer with physics.