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Physical Activity

Review confirms exercise can help reduce cancer-related fatigue

Aerobic exercise like running, cycling or swimming can help alleviate the fatigue during or following cancer treatment, a new research review has confirmed.

Health risks for teens as they swap exercise for slumping on the sofa

Britain's teenagers are endangering their health by cutting back on exercise and spending more hours watching TV and playing computer games according to a new study by...

Brits keep fit to look good, not reduce cancer risk

UK men and women say reducing their risk of cancer is last on a list of reasons to exercise, according to a national survey by Cancer Research UK and Cannons.

Environment can override children's natural urge to exercise

Children may inherit the urge to exercise, but their environment often stops them from doing so, say Cancer Research UK researchers.

Cancer Research UK launches the world's first urban running lane ahead of its Run 10k series

Dawdling pedestrians test the patience of over a quarter of outdoor runners (27 per cent) according to a poll of 1,000 runners by Cancer Research UK, to launch its Run10k...