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Oesophageal Cancer

Heat treatment effective against early precursor of oesophageal cancer

A treatment that uses heat to kill abnormal cells lining the food pipe reduces the risk of Barrett’s oesophagus progressing to oesophageal cancer.

Cancer deaths in men, surgery under the spotlight, and highlighting oesophageal cancer

We take a look at the latest worldwide cancer stats, highlight the importance of cancer surgery, and discuss the issues around oesophageal cancer.

Tumour protein predicts response to chemo in oesophageal cancer patients

Patients with the most common type of oesophageal cancer are less likely to respond to chemotherapy when their tumours are high in leptin

Spotting symptoms – a personal story about oesophageal cancer

You may have seen reports this week that people with mouth and oesophageal cancers are leaving it longer between first noticing a symptom and visiting their GP compared to...

Patients with mouth and oesophageal cancers take longer to seek help from GP

People with cancers of the mouth and oesophagus are waiting longer between first noticing a symptom and going to their GPs than other patients.

Deaths from oesophageal cancer up by almost 50 per cent in last 40 years

The number of people dying from oesophageal cancer has risen by 49 per cent in the last 40 years according to figures published by Cancer Research UK.

More oesophageal cancer patients benefit from pre-op chemo than previously thought says study

More oesophageal cancer patients than previously thought are benefiting from having chemotherapy before an operation to remove their tumour.

HPV, Michael Douglas, and the latest cancer headlines

We discuss HPV, cancer and oral sex, and finding out how melanoma cells go on the move. Plus, we look at the quiet epidemic of oesophageal cancer.

Alcohol cancer risks "underestimated" say researchers

Researchers have warned that many drinkers significantly underestimate the cancer risks associated with alcohol.

Genetic link to Barrett's oesophagus identified for first time

UK scientists have discovered the genetic basis for why some people are more at risk of developing Barrett's oesophagus, a condition that increases the risk of oesophageal...