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Oesophageal Cancer

Meet our new research fellows 2016

Find out how our new up and coming researchers plan to tackle some of the big scientific questions in cancer.

Spotting the earliest signs of oesophageal cancer with a fluorescence-detecting camera

Our scientists in Cambridge have developed a specialised camera that could help detect precancerous changes that may develop into oesophageal cancer.

Infra-red light to detect early signs of oesophageal cancer

Scientists have developed an endoscope that uses near-infrared light to spot early warning signs of oesophageal cancer.

Study opens door to targeted treatments for oesophageal cancer

Scientists have discovered that oesophageal cancer can be classified into three different subtypes, paving the way for testing targeted treatments.

‘Surprising’ imbalance in cell growth could help oesophageal cancers form

Oesophageal cancers could stem from more than just cells growing out of control.

Tackling hard-to-treat cancers – what, how and why?

Read about how we're approaching the challenge of understanding and treating lung, pancreatic, oesophageal cancers and brain tumours.

Balls of cells with their own ‘passport’ to help speed up cancer drug testing

We investigate organoids, the latest way that scientists are growing cancer cells in the lab to help test hundreds of cancer drugs.

Recently funded research – studying populations to piece together cancer clues

We look at the latest round of innovative and exciting new projects we're funding in population research.

9 in 10 don't link alcohol and cancer

Almost 90 per cent of people in England don’t associate drinking alcohol with an increased risk of cancer

Childhood obesity: the task of tackling cancer begins early

We look at the evidence on childhood obesity and cancer, uncovering a potential direct link between obesity in childhood and raised cancer risk in adults.