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Oesophageal Cancer

Trial to test for Barrett’s oesophagus launches in GP surgeries across the UK

A Cancer Research UK-funded trial allowing GP surgeries to test for Barrett’s oesophagus launches today.

World Cancer Day 2017: there are 2 types of oesophageal cancer, and they affect the world in different ways

In the last of our World Cancer Day series, we explore how oesophageal cancer affects different areas of the world, and look at the reasons behind climbing rates of this...

3 of the toughest questions in cancer and more than £70 million to solve them

We're announcing the first winners of our most ambitious science funding awarding ever: The Grand Challenge

Lifetime weight gain linked to oesophageal and stomach cancers

People who are overweight in their twenties and become obese later in life may be three times more likely to develop oesophageal or upper stomach cancer.

Meet the scientists tackling brain tumours, investigating a cancer ‘master switch’ and much more

Meet our new leaders, who are spearheading research to tackle some of the biggest questions we need to answer to help more people survive cancer.

Large genetic analysis of oesophageal cancer could lead to better clinical trials

The two main types of oesophageal cancer display distinct genetic characteristics and should be studied separately in clinical trials, according to a new study.

Sponge on a string test could replace endoscopies

A ‘sponge on a string’ pill test can identify some people with a low risk of developing oesophageal cancer, sparing them uncomfortable endoscopies.

Study suggests link between bacterium and oesophageal cancer survival

The presence of a particular bacterium in oesophageal tumours could be linked to lower survival, according to a new Japanese study.

Meet our new research fellows 2016

Find out how our new up and coming researchers plan to tackle some of the big scientific questions in cancer.

Spotting the earliest signs of oesophageal cancer with a fluorescence-detecting camera

Our scientists in Cambridge have developed a specialised camera that could help detect precancerous changes that may develop into oesophageal cancer.