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News digest – Lung cancer blood test, surges in kidney cancer, plain cigarette pack evidence and… chemo-loaded sperm?

Our scientists at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL, partnered with centres all across the country, have been tracking DNA changes in lung cancer samples

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Tracing genetic chaos in 100 lung cancer patients could help predict survival

By tracing genetic chaos over time our scientists may have found a way to help predict lung cancer survival.

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General Election 2017: 4 things we want political parties to focus on

We look at the most important areas that parties need to focus on to tackle cancer ahead of the General Election.

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Follow-up colonoscopy cuts bowel cancer cases in some people

Follow-up tests after an initial colonoscopy may reduce the number of people diagnosed with bowel cancer, according to a new study.

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Experimental blood test could offer a glimpse of the future for doctors treating lung cancer

An experimental blood test could offer a way to detect early signs that patients’ lung cancers will return after treatment.

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Plain cigarette packaging may reduce smoking rates

Plain, standardised packaging for cigarettes may reduce the number of people who smoke, according to a new review of evidence.

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Tracking unstable chromosomes helps predict lung cancer’s return

The first findings from the Cancer Research UK-funded TRACERx* lung cancer study show how tracking tumour evolution can help predict relapse.

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There’s more to emergency diagnoses than GPs ‘failing cancer patients’

We look at headlines claiming GPs are ‘failing an estimated 32,000 cancer patients a year’ in England.

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More than a quarter of Scottish emergency cancer patients haven't visited GP

More than a quarter (28%) of cancer patients diagnosed as an emergency in North East Scotland hadn’t discussed any relevant symptoms with their GP

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