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News digest – 8 new grand cancer challenges, blood tests, personalising immunotherapy and… ‘go natural’?

8 new Grand Challenges in cancer research launched, blood tests for prostate cancer, making immunotherapy more personal and… ‘go natural’? Here’s our

Science blog
Tumour characteristics could predict immunotherapy success in lung cancer

The molecular make-up of lung tumours could help identify patients who might benefit from immunotherapy treatment up front, a new study has found.

News report
Cancer Research UK sets out latest £20m Grand Challenges to beat cancer sooner

Cancer Research UK launches the second phase of its global Grand Challenge, with eight new questions identified as some of the biggest barriers to progress

Press release
8 new challenges between us and beating cancer

We launch phase 2 of our Grand Challenge with 8 of the biggest questions in cancer research.

Science blog
Cancer Research UK appoints Professor Charles Swanton as its chief clinician

Cancer Research UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Charles Swanton as its new chief clinician.

Press release
Study estimates breast and ovarian cancer risk linked to faulty BRCA genes

A new study has estimated the ages at which women with faults in two particular genes are most at risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

News report
Dave Sims: A family uniting against cancer

Mark Sims was 15 when he was first diagnosed with melanoma in 2003. Here, his brother Dave shares Mark's story of how he got involved in the PEACE study.

Research Feature
Catching cancer earlier: a new frontier for early detection research

We are investing in early detection and diagnosis research: building capacity, forging partnerships, and supporting an early detection research community

Research Feature
Hacking into normality: Gerard Evan

An interview with Gerard Evan on a new way of viewing pancreatic and lung cancer and the implications for understanding the disease, and how to treat it.

Research Feature
Improving radiotherapy for brain cancers

A Q&A with Dr Ross Carruthers on DNA damage response mechanisms in glioblastoma, and why these cancers are particularly resistant to radiotherapy.

Research Feature