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National and international developments in cancer, health and policy. Produced in collaboration with the Press Association unless otherwise stated.

Scottish cancer cases to rise "50%"

A report has predicted that the annual number of new cancer cases in Scotland will rise 50 per cent by 2015 compared to figures in the late 1990's.

Understanding boss crucial for return to work, say breast cancer survivors

The vast majority of breast cancer survivors are able to return to their jobs after treatment says new research - but an understanding boss can make all the difference....

Scientists measure red meat cancer risks

Scientists say that they have identified one of the main links between a diet high in red meat and an increased risk of bowel cancer.

Omega-6 fatty acids may boost tumour growth, say researchers

Omega-6 fatty acids, a common type of fat found in corn oil, may be linked to prostate cancer growth, claims a new report.

New guidelines to increase bladder cancer survival, claims NHS

New clinical guidelines for dealing with bladder cancer patients should improve survival rates, the NHS watchdog has said.