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National and international developments in cancer, health and policy. Produced in collaboration with the Press Association unless otherwise stated.

Smoking ban could help 700,000 smokers quit

Campaigners for a total ban on smoking in public in the UK believe that nearly 700,000 people would give up smoking within a year if lighting up in public was prohibited...

Infections could contribute to adult brain tumours

Statistical analysis carried out by scientists in the UK and Holland has revealed infections could act as a trigger for certain brain tumours.

Study will investigate possibility of earlier cancer diagnosis

New research into the chemistry of DNA in cells could one day allow doctors to diagnose cancer earlier in patients, as well as provide improved treatment, a scientist from...

No link between mobile phones and brain tumour, says study

There is no evidence to suggest that mobile phone usage increases the risk of glioma, according to results of a study published by the BMJ.

Data protection laws slow research

Medical research is being slowed down and lives are being put at risk by unnecessary data protection regulation, a new report has claimed.