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Drug Resistance

Discovery 'significant step' in understanding leukaemia drug resistance

Scientists have pinpointed an enzyme responsible for breaking down and inactivating a key childhood leukaemia drug, which could help to explain why around 20 per cent of...

Protein may provide target for new breast cancer therapies

Scientists at Imperial College London have identified a protein that appears to be involved in the development of drug resistance in breast cancer.

New cancer imaging technique uses vitamin C to detect more aggressive tumours

Cancer Research UK scientists have developed a new imaging technique that uses vitamin C to detect cancers likely to be more aggressive or resistant to treatment.

Scientists uncover basis for drug resistance in common childhood cancer

US scientists say they have worked out why acute lymphoblastic leukaemia can come back after treatment.

Scientists develop new drug to outflank cancer resistance

A new drug has shown promising results against breast and prostate cancer cells and tumours that are resistant to conventional hormone-based treatments, according to...

Study sheds light on Herceptin resistance in breast cancer

A new study has shed light on why some patients taking the breast cancer drug Herceptin (trastuzumab) become resistant to the treatment.

New hope for ways to overcome drug resistance in lung cancer

New hope for ways to overcome drug resistance in lung cancer

Strategy to conquer cancer drug resistance uncovered

US scientists have identified a way in which cancer cells can become resistant to the cancer drug cetuximab (Erbitux), and suggest that treatments that are already...

Chromosomal instability may predict resistance to cancer drug

Chromosomal instability may be linked to the resistance that some cancers have to certain anticancer therapies, according to research published in Cancer Cell. Identifying...

Scientists uncover reason for second cancers after targeted melanoma treatment

An international study has uncovered how secondary skin cancers sometimes develop in malignant melanoma patients who are treated with an experimental drug.