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Drug Discovery And Development

Cancer Research UK scientists target early bowel cancer prevention with new drug

Scientists from Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute have found that a new drug can reduce the number and size of pre-cancerous growths, or polyps, in the bowels...

Cancer Research UK and immatics biotechnologies launch trial for brain cancer

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology with immatics biotechnologies have launched the first trial of a promising cancer vaccine.

CRT announces partnership with Cephalon to co-develop a new class of anti-cancer drugs

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) has announced an exclusive agreement with Cephalon, Inc., an international biotechnology company, to collaborate on the development of...

Powerful online cancer drug discovery database unveiled

A powerful new cancer drug discovery database has been launched to speed up the process of bringing drugs from 'bench to bedside'.

Exploiting cancer's 'double agent' could lead to new treatments for bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have discovered that the gene defects that cause some bowel cancers could become the targets for new personalised treatments. Their...

Diabetes treatment doubles skin cancer drug's effectiveness

Combining the experimental drug Avastin (bevacizumab) with the diabetes drug Metformin almost doubles its ability to reduce skin cancer growth, according to a study in...

UK-NZ collaboration to home in on new anti-cancer drug for leukaemia

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) - Cancer Research UK's development and commercialisation arm has teamed up with The University of Auckland to advance the discovery of new...

Scientists find new drug target for hard-to-treat leukaemia

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a promising new approach to treat a type of myeloid leukaemia.

'Skills Swap' to exploit expertise for patient benefit

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) and Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT) will 'swap' medical discoveries to accelerate the translation of early scientific research...

Cancer Research UK ploughs Ј21 million into new Drug Discovery Programmes

CANCER RESEARCH UK is set to extend its drug discovery effort by investing up to Ј16 million in two new Drug Discovery Programmes at the Paterson Institute for Cancer...