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Drug Discovery And Development

Sea sponge drug may extend advanced breast cancer survival

A new drug, based on a natural extract from sea sponge, may help to extend the lives of women with advanced breast cancer, UK scientists have found.

Cancer Research UK launches medicine manufacturing hub for life-saving research

Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office marks the launch of its Biotherapeutics Development Unit (BDU) today with the manufacture of its first product - an antibody...

Ras protein discovery could lead to drug

US researchers have taken the first steps towards designing a drug to target one of the most important proteins in cancer.

CRT, Newcastle University and KuDOS advance DNA-PK research with a new licence

Cancer Research Technology Limited (CRT) has licensed the rights to its DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK)* inhibitor programme to collaboration partner KuDOS...

Gene may provide new target for breast cancer drug development

US scientists have identified a gene that appears to be faulty in 70 per cent of cases of oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer samples.

Deal struck for new investigational anti-cancer drug to target leukaemia and lymphoma

CANCER RESEARCH UK and Cancer Research Technology (CRT), the charityїs development and commercialisation arm, are to undertake a phase I clinical trial of an...

Researchers exploit cancer’s faulty defence mechanism

Researchers in Germany have found a new way to exploit the differences between cancer cells and normal cells that could lead to new treatments.

Nearly all men survive testicular cancer

Survival for testicular cancer has risen by almost 30 per cent in the last 40 years, with nearly all men now beating the disease latest figures show.

Experimental melanoma drug shows promise in phase-III trial

Early results from a phase-III clinical trial of a new drug for advanced melanoma skin cancer indicate that it may help to improve survival.

Cancer Research UK and AstraZeneca sign deal to trial first-of-kind cancer drug

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology have reached an agreement with AstraZeneca to take compound AZD-3965, a first-of-its-kind experimental drug to...