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Clinical Trials

Our milestones: the birth of a new prostate cancer drug

This entry is part 24 of 24 in the series Our milestones

In the latest in Our milestones, we look back to the 1990s, and to our ‘first-in-man’ trial of prostate...

How we’re building a community to beat oesophageal cancer

“I am the face behind your pipettes.”

These were the words that filled a room of world-leading scientists as Jackie Beaumont, an oesophageal cancer survivor, opened...

Our milestones: Cisplatin – the story of a platinum-selling life-saver

This entry is part 23 of 23 in the series Our milestones

In the latest in Our Milestones series, we go back to the 1970s to look at how Cancer Research UK...

Aspirin, obesity and inherited bowel cancer – what’s the story?

The potential for aspirin to prevent cancer is an exciting prospect, even if there are still many unknowns.

We’ve written at length about it before, but here’s a...

Aspirin lowers bowel cancer risk in obese people with inherited cancer syndrome

Aspirin can more than halve bowel cancer risk in obese people with Lynch syndrome - an inherited condition linked to an increased risk of cancer.

5 hot research topics our scientists are homing in on

From the mechanics behind fast-moving melanoma cells to cancer’s very own (and very complex) family tree, we’ve picked a handful of important research discoveries to share...

Cancer Research UK trains talented doctors to develop future treatments

Four of the UK’s most promising cancer doctors have received a prestigious award to fund crucial research to develop and test urgently-needed treatments.

Osteoporosis drug could benefit postmenopausal women with breast cancer

Drugs used to treat the bone condition osteoporosis could prevent 1000 breast cancer deaths a year

Hitting the self-destruct switch – standing up to womb cancer with PARP inhibitors

In the summer of 2013, mum of two, Suzanne Harford went to see the doctor after noticing unusual changes in her monthly cycle. Thinking that she might have a common non-...

Virus therapy for melanoma – all it’s cracked up to be?

If you’ve seen the news today, you’ve probably seen stories about a new ‘virotherapy’ for advanced melanoma.

On the face of it, this is exciting news. Researchers...