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Clinical Trials

Keyhole surgery a ‘better approach’ for women with early stage womb cancer

Survival in women who have less invasive surgery for early-stage womb cancer is just as good as traditional surgery.

Trial to test for Barrett’s oesophagus launches in GP surgeries across the UK

A Cancer Research UK-funded trial allowing GP surgeries to test for Barrett’s oesophagus launches today.

Giving pancreatic cancer patients better opportunities to join clinical trials

We're backing a new project that could boost our understanding of pancreatic cancer and increase opportunities for patients to join clinical trials.

New era in precision medicine for pancreatic cancer

New treatments for pancreatic cancer are set to be transformed by a network of clinical trials - to find the right trial for the right patient.

British Science Week: 10 of the biggest changes in cancer research over the last 20 years

This year’s British Science Week runs from 10th – 19th March, and the theme is ‘change’.

Immunotherapy drug extends lives of advanced lung cancer patients

A drug that ‘reinvigorates the immune system’ can extend the lives of lung cancer patients with reduced side effects.

An intelligent knife and kinder treatments – some of our pioneering new clinical trials

We take a look at some of our new, pioneering clinical trials.

New drug combination shows early promise for some breast cancer patients

A combination of two drugs could help some breast cancer patients with advanced cancer live longer, according to a small clinical trial.

Milder chemotherapy drug could extend the lives of some leukaemia patients

People with a severe type of leukaemia could benefit from a milder chemotherapy drug, according to a new US study.

The trans-Atlantic quest to find a winning combination of cancer drugs

An exciting new partnership will see a combination of drugs tested in mesothelioma, lung and pancreatic cancers for the first time.