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Clinical Trials

Launch of trial of ‘master switch’ drug to treat several cancer types

Cancer Research UK and its commercial arm Cancer Research Technology (CRT) are launching a trial of an experimental drug shown to simultaneously block many enzymes that...

Clinical trials planned to test controversial drug

An experimental drug that has received significant media attention this year is to be tested for cancer treatment.

Lower doses enable older bowel cancer patients to take part in chemotherapy trials

Older patients with bowel cancer may be able to take part in clinical trials if the doses of experimental chemotherapy drugs are lowered.

New drug is 'greatest advance' for basal cell skin cancer

A new drug is effective against advanced forms of the most common type of skin cancer, according to US research.

Drug trial success could reduce risk of bladder cancer recurring by a third

A major bladder cancer trial, funded by Cancer Research UK, has shown that adding two commonly used chemotherapy drugs to traditional radiotherapy can reduce the chance of...

Cardiff scientists take on leukaemia with drugs personalised to individual patients

Cardiff scientists are treating leukaemia by trialling new drugs tailored to individual patientsї genetic make-up.

Ovarian cancer vaccine produces promising results in early trial

A vaccine designed to prevent ovarian cancer from recurring has shown promise in early-stage clinical trials, researchers have said.