Children's cancer news

Meet the scientists tackling brain tumours, investigating a cancer ‘master switch’ and much more

Meet our new leaders, who are spearheading research to tackle some of the biggest questions we need to answer to help more people survive cancer.

Children’s cancer survivors face a tough question: do you want to ever have kids?

We spoke to four young cancer survivors about the fertility issues they faced after cancer treatment.

Children’s cancer death rates drop over 20 years

The rate of children dying from cancer has fallen by more than 30 per cent in the last 20 years, according to the latest figures released by Cancer Research UK.

Childhood cancer survivors live longer, but not necessarily with better health

Children diagnosed with cancer in the 90s are living longer than those diagnosed in the 1970s.

Why I became a children’s cancer researcher – Richard’s story

Professor Richard Gilbertson's journey into research began in medical school. Find out what motivated him to become a world-leading expert in children's brain tumours.