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Genetic testing could predict treatment response

Preliminary US research has suggested that measuring the activity of particular combinations of genes in tumour samples could predict which type of chemotherapy will be...

Small study suggests contraceptive IUDs may delay womb cancer

Contraceptive intrauterine devices may be effective at treating early-stage cancers of the endometrium, a small clinical trial in Italy suggests.

Scientists uncover lung cancer's survival secrets

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered a key mechanism that protects lung cancer from the lethal effects of chemotherapy.

Drug trial offers first hope for pancreatic cancer patients

Chemotherapy after surgery almost trebles survival rates for pancreatic cancer according to new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine 1.

Gene may help cancer cells to thrive

The p53 'tumour suppressor' gene, which researchers believe is essential in helping chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, may actually help them to survive, a study has found...

Nanodiamonds show potential for cancer drug delivery

US scientists have shown that a new class of nanomaterials called 'nanodiamonds' could be effective at delivering chemotherapy drugs safely to cancer cells.

Less intense chemo 'better for some Hodgkin's lymphoma patients'

Giving patients fewer doses of a type of chemotherapy increases the effectiveness of a Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment, and reduces side effects, according to German...

Energy boost for fatigued cancer patients

Swallowing a specially designed energy drink each day could boost cancer patients left exhausted by chemotherapy, according to research published in the British Journal of...

Trial results show better survival for gallbladder and bile duct cancer

Combining two chemotherapy drugs for advanced gallbladder and bile duct cancer improves survival by a third, according to results from a Cancer Research UK funded trial...

New advance in targeted chemo

Researchers are developing a new way of targeting cancer cells with chemotherapy while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.